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    Facebook bans cryptocurrency advertising from its platform

    A major advertising door slams shut on the crypto community

    Facebook is revamping its ad policy with a broad ban on anything related to cryptocurrencies. Effective immediately, advertisers can no longer use Facebook to publicize an ICO fundraiser, announce the launch of any bitcoin-related product, or otherwise spread the word about anything built on the technology. This new rule is explained in the latest update to Facebook’s advertising policy, “Prohibited Financial Products and Services.” It not only bans cryptocurrency and ICOs from the ad network, but also nixes advertisements hawking financial assets with less-than-stellar reputations, like binary options. The specific language on the ban is that “ads must not promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading…

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    Starbucks serves up a bitcoin discussion with its latest earnings call

    The company’s founder doesn’t see bitcoin as the cryptocurrency of the future but hold out for others

    Howard Schultz, founder and executive chairman of Starbucks, made blockchain waves over the weekend by sounding off against bitcoin. It happened during the Starbucks Q1 2018 earnings call, attended by investors, analysts, and journalists alike. Though Schultz clearly explained that Starbucks is not presently pursuing any bitcoin- or cryptocurrency-related initiatives, the company is deeply aware of these emergent payment technologies. You can’t bring up cryptocurrency in the public forum without coming out as for bitcoin or against, and the Frappucino King is deeply skeptical. “I don’t believe that bitcoin is going to be a currency today or in the future,” Schultz said. Yet he’s bullish enough on the crypto space…

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    Millennial favorite Robinhood tries to lure crypto traders with no fees

    Will zero-fee crypto-transactions be enough to win the exchange wars?

    Financial services company Robinhood is sailing a rising tide of hype after announcing that it will implement zero-fee cryptocurrency trading. Whether it’s to the tune of huge gains or crushing losses, account holders can use their platform to speculate on bitcoin starting next month, and won’t pay any fees to do so. Just as cryptocurrency traders might have their preferred coins, they also have their favorite exchanges for buying them. Robinhood is a five-year-old smartphone-based no-fee platform for trading stocks and ETFs. It boasts mainstream street cred as a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation that’s registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Last year 2 million people…

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    Japan’s first bitcoin real estate deal closes as a major Japanese crypto exchange is hacked

    The Land of the Rising Sun continues to be a cryptocurrency hotbed

    It’s increasingly hip for companies to find a way to leverage the blockchain, and a Japanese real estate company called Yitanzi is the latest to get some press for its bitcoin efforts. Yitanzi just completed the country’s first bitcoin-transacted real estate deal, selling a commercial building in Tokyo for 547 bitcoin, almost U.S. $6 million.  At the same time, Yitanzi has made it known that it will be accepting other cryptocurrencies in the future, though it hasn’t designated any timeline or specific currencies to implement. So is this sale indicative of a new normal? Not especially. “It certainly opens up the possibilities, but I think the opportunity is in blockchain…