• Bill Gates

    Bill Gates trashes cryptocurrencies yet his foundation uses Ripple

    The billionaire technologist doesn’t understand crypto, say people who think they understand crypto

    Bill Gates, the famed technologist-turned-world-savior took some time off from delivering toilets to the Third World to conduct a Reddit AMA interview this week. He reminisced on his early days at Microsoft. He threw in his two cents on how automation will affect the future of work (he’s pro-automation). And he surely took a moment to address cryptocurrency. “What’s your opinion on cryptocurrencies?” writes Reddit user Askur1337 in language that’s just about as neutral as you can get. Gates surely cracked his knuckles before typing back a critical paragraph. “The main feature of cryptocurrencies is their anonymity. I don’t think this is a good thing,” wrote the Microsoft cofounder. “The…

  • Starbucks
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    Howard Schultz teases a Starbucks cryptocurrency

    We get it, Starbucks is a payments innovator

    One thing’s for sure: Starbucks knows how to get paid. It makes sense that company leadership is keeping close eyeballs on the latest, greatest ways for consumers to pay for things. Presently, this means some kind of smartphone integration, whether it’s ApplePay or Starbucks’ own mobile payment application. But the future is much more interesting than the present. In an appearance on Fox Business, Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz expounded the company’s street cred as a payments innovator, then gave a strong tease that Starbucks might—just might—implement its own proprietary cryptocurrency in the future. Schutz suggested that the company would integrate this new currency into the Starbucks payments app that its…

  • Here's what YouTube looks like, in case you've never seen it before (via Pixabay).
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    This browser will pay you in crypto

    And it may even pay for your subscriptions, too

    Brendan Eich, the Javascript programming language founder and creator of Mozilla Firefox, wants to pay you in crypto to use his new browser. In the coming weeks, users who download the Brave browser can start earning a share of what advertisers spend to garner their attention. Most ad revenue systems are somewhat hostile to both users and advertisers. You—the consumer—have an ad between you and the content you’re downloading on your data plan. Meanwhile, the website publisher has little incentive to prove you’re actually consuming the ad they sold on your behalf. Now Eich has delivered a new platform that users runs on the ether-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) to improve the…

  • blue pill

    What the Circle/Poloniex deal has in common with Viagra and Cialis

    Internet scammers always find new ways to rip off suckers

    Lift a rock and you’ll find bugs crawling everywhere. Acquire a cryptocurrency exchange and you’ll find fake Twitter accounts crawling everywhere, too. When mobile payment company Circle announced its purchase Poloniex on Monday (a story we broke three weeks earlier, as we endlessly like to remind readers), Twitter lit up with very positive comments directed toward the exchange. There was just one problem: Many of those accounts appeared suspiciously like bots. As of press time, there were about 820 responses to this Poloniex tweet: Big news from the Poloniex team today!https://t.co/nZdjsKzWBl — Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) February 26, 2018 That would seem wonderfully positive for the company. Except our social media…