• Circle is set to acquire Poloniex.
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    Circle buys Poloniex, confirming Modern Consensus scoop

    What the Circle/Poloniex deal means to us

    On February 2, Modern Consensus broke the story that mobile pay startup Circle would be acquiring Poloniex. It was a big scoop, the kind that can put an upstart publication like Modern Consensus on the map. Twitter immediately lit up with talk of the deal and questions about how our little publication had broken such an important story. Predictably, some of that speculation immediately turned first to skepticism and then to outright insults. Ari Paul, the CIO of Block Tower Capital, first tweeted the story to his 95,000 followers. And then he immediately posted a cloying, virtue-signaling apology: I just posted a link to an article asserting that Circle was acquiring Poloniex. Someone helpfully…

  • Fingerprints

    Opinion | Why we need a blockchain-based Social Security number

    Blockchain technology offers a practical solution to solve a massive looming problem

    There are a number of failed old technologies which we live with every day. Some are jokes (such as the story that train tracks are based on Roman war chariots), but some are real,like the fact that social security numbers (SSN) were created in 1936 exclusively track of earnings. Since 1936, Social Security numbers have been adapted to be a unique identifier for each person in the U.S. This number is used to open bank accounts, track credit history, apply for employment, apply for security clearances, etc. The number is often issued at significant moments for an applicant—around birth or entry into the United States, for instance—and usually never changes…

  • Burning money is a recurring theme in cryptocurrency (via Pixabay).

    Coinbase, Gemini, Bitstamp, and Changelly: Here’s how their fees compare

    If you invested $100 in bitcoin 2010, it would be $75 million today. But after fees…

    Everybody in crypto swears they were going to buy some bitcoin (BTC) on some exact date they read about and that we could be having this conversation on their yacht. Tai Lopez likes to remind listeners to his Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind podcast,“Remember, if you had invested $100 in bitcoin in 2010, you would have $75 million today.” But he doesn’t ever really pick a day. Most agree that if you put in $100 on July 28, 2010 you would have $28,341,266 on December 12, 2017. We’ll give Tai the $75 million just for the sake of argument. Some early exchanges such as iGot (now Bitlio) had 0% buying fees on…

  • Winding Tree
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    Travel startup Winding Tree raises $15 million in ICO

    Looking to disrupt near duopoly with help from prominent partners

    Travel startup Winding Tree has raised approximately $15 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) that was supported by many travel providers, including Lufthansa and some hotel chains. Winding Tree is seeking to build a new open data infrastructure for the online travel industry, which has been growing as people from newly wealthy countries join the ranks of those traveling for pleasure and business. Yet the booming global $1.2 trillion travel business, which has joined all others in moving online, remains stubbornly stuck in the area of mediated transactions. It’s rare (and difficult) for consumers to purchase hotel rooms and airline tickets directly from the providers of same with the…