• CNBC's Fast Money
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    CNBC show smacks down jilted bitcoin bear

    Technical analyst Peter Brandt claims he was booted from Fast Money but the show is fighting back hard.

    While we’re on a roll when it comes to Twitter-based media feuds, here’s another one, this time involving CNBC and technical analyst Peter Brandt. And it’s kinda weird. On Saturday, Brandt took to Twitter to tell this tale: True story about @CNBCFastMoney I was scheduled to appear on Dec 14. I was planning to say $BTC was topping & time to bail out. I was bumped for some “expert” that predicted $50,000. That is my @CNBC story. — Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) February 18, 2018 Except, contrary to Brandt’s preface of “true story,” it didn’t happen. And Fast Money wasn’t having any of it. On Tuesday, they shot back this tweet,…

  • Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal (via Bloomberg.com)

    Bloomberg host hilariously tears into blockchain fans, gets blocked on Twitter by CEO

    Joe Weisenthal ridicules investor Naval Ravikant and other blockchain enthusiasts in a tweetstorm

    Don’t expect AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant to appear on Bloomberg’s “What’d You Miss?” any time soon. That’s because the show’s co-host, Joe Weisenthal, took to Twitter to rip into Ravikant’s lofty pronouncements about blockchain technology. Here’s how it went down: It all began in Sunday morning from a tweet by from Shane Parish, the founder of something called Farnam Street. For those unfamiliar with it (we were on that list), the site’s “About” section says: “We address such topics as mental models, decision making, learning, reading, and the art of living.” According to Parish, he has “helped millions of people master the best of what other people have already figured…

  • Typical screen shot of Salon.
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    Salon CEO talks to Modern Consensus about turning readers into crypto miners

    Does this latest effort by the progressive site reveal a tough media market or is it a gimmick?

    As reported Tuesday, Salon is now mining cryptocurrencies in browsers of visitors as an alternative to seeing ads. Does this latest effort by the 23-year-old progressive site reveal the tough market media companies find themselves or is it a gimmick by a small-cap company looking to lure investors with cryptocurrency cred? Modern Consensus spoke with Salon CEO Jordan Hoffner. He doesn’t have the easiest job in media. The company Hoffner has been running for the past couple of years is overshadowed by its own past as it struggles to shine. When it went public in June 1999, Salon raised $25 million and was valued at $107 million. That IPO shook up…

  • Anxiety hotline

    Russia has a new telephone hotline for managing bitcoin anxiety and addiction

    Please hodl on the line and someone will be with you shortly

    Russia is so hip to cryptocurrency that it now has a “bitcoin anxiety hotline.” Moscow’s Blockchain Fund is a crypto investment firm that manages its customers’ digital assets. Naturally, the aim is to turn money into more money, but that’s not an easy proposition these days. Sure, bitcoin reached an all-time high of more than $19,000 just two months ago, but it lost more than two-thirds of its value since then. The collective mood among crypto investors is not a bright one lately. For being such an abstract construct, cryptocurrency prices can have major implications for those holding these assets. Speculators rejoice as the price soars; they can take a…