• Malta
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    Binance shines light on Malta as crypto’s new tax haven

    Now all you have to do is move there

    Good news for European Binance customers: The one-year-old cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong is looking to set up shop on Malta The prime minister of Malta personally welcomed the crypto behemoth to the Mediterranean island nation between Sicily and Tunisia. The move may be good news for the EU’s wealthy, too. On Thursday, , the exchange got a slap on the wrist from Japan for operating without registering first. A few hours later, the company’s CEO, Zhao Changpeng, told Bloomberg that Binance will start a “fiat-to-crypto exchange” on Malta instead. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat personally tweeted his greeting to company: Welcome to #Malta 🇲🇹 @binance. We aim to be…

  • cryptocurrencies/dollars
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    You just got paid in a weird crypto. Now what?

    What to do when your “bitcoin” isn’t bitcoin

    Until it’s normal to pay for things like coffee or groceries with cryptocurrency, it has to be turned into fiat money for its value to be conventionally useful. Every American exchange of consequence allows for conversion between bitcoin and U.S. dollars, but bitcoin isn’t the only game in town. Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention is surely the poster child of cryptocurrency at large, but a host of B- and C-List cryptocurrencies fill the same niche with less of a spotlight. This refers to altcoins, popular and unknown alike, including Litecoin, DogeCoin, Peercoin, FeatherCoin, Zetacoin, and so on. These currencies lack bitcoin’s name recognition though they solve the same problem, securely transmitting value…

  • As crypto prices fall, traders train each other to stop suicides (via Shutterstock)
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    The Last Crash: As crypto prices fall, traders train each other to stop suicides

    A Facebook group admin finds himself going from trading advice to trying to save lives

    Four years ago, Autumn Radtke was an American living in Singapore. At just 28 years old, she was CEO of one of the earliest crypto exchanges, First Meta. In a corner of the tech world where few women are prominent, she was making a name for herself.   On February 25, 2014, the website for the Mt. Gox exchange suspended all trading as news emerged that 744,408 bitcoins—worth more than $400 million at the time—were stolen in Japan. The news depressed crypto markets around the world. A day later, police discovered Radtke’s body. As was later reported, she had googled suicide methods, found which one she thought was most effective,…

  • The New York State Legislature
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    Law raising red flags on crypto exchanges now targeted for repeal

    Yes, there’s a tie-in to Tether and Bitfinex

    One New York lawmaker wants to undo a big part of the state’s regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges. Yet that very regulation may have raised a red flag about some of the world’s largest—and most controversial—bitcoin exchanges three years ago. Assemblyman Ron Kim, a Democrat from Queens, introduced bill A9899 that he touts as replacing the state’s “BitLicense” rules that were put in place three years ago. It’s not the first time such a proposal has been bandied about the legislature. Last month, Sen. Jesse Hamilton and Sen. David Carlucci, Democrats from Brooklyn and Rockland County respectively, also discussed changing regulations. But now a bill is in committee, where it faces the…