• Cryptojacking

    Cryptojacking skyrockets 629%: McAfee

    Report also says malware threats were up by more than 1,100%

    A new report issued this week by software security firm McAfee shows a stunning surge in malicious attacks on computers to mine cryptocurrency. McAfee Labs reports a 629 percent increase in coin miner malware found during the first quarter of 2018. Malware threats, the report says, were up by more than 1,100 percent. The method, called cryptojacking, takes over a system, allowing hackers to discreetly confiscate computing power and mine cryptocurrency in the background. A system’s user can be unaware this is going on, other than noticing their computer operating slower than normal. “Compared with well-established cybercrime activities such as data theft and ransomware, cryptojacking is simpler, more straightforward, and…

  • Ohio state capitol
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    Ohio’s dream of becoming a blockchain-friendly state close to being a reality

    An amendment to a bill means all that’s needed is Gov. John Kasich’s signature

    Ohio’s bid to become an American blockchain haven got a big boost by the state’s legislature this week. As reported earlier, a bill proposed by Sen. Matthew Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) in the Ohio Senate would allow smart contracts using blockchain technology to carry the weight of a signature. S.B. 300 was and remains in committee. However, it may no longer be necessary to pass that bill separately. That’s because an amendment to another bill (S.B. 220), passed by both Ohio’s Senate and the House of Representatives on Wednesday night, means all that’s needed is Gov. John Kasich’s signature to make it law, which is expected to happen. As the amendment…

  • Facebook
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    Facebook eases cryptocurrency advertising ban

    Crypto and blockchain advertisers will have to jump through a few hoops first

    Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads of any kind back in January. If you were a new coin, a scam artist, a bitcoin enthusiast, or an ICO Chicken Little, you weren’t able to leverage your content as a sponsored post. Twitter and Google soon followed suit. But on Tuesday, the social media juggernaut announced it was peeling back some of these regulations. For now, ICO ads are still banned but other crypto-services like, say, incredibly well-written blockchain news and commentary sites (ahem!)  are now able to grow their user base using Facebook’s ads and promotions. “Facebook may review and reject ads in its sole discretion,” the company’s ad policy now reads. Until…

  • attorney law
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    Leading ICO attorney Joshua Klayman leaves Morrison Foerster, starts own firm

    Klayman is now 5th of 12 top blockchain lawyers to switch jobs this year

    Top ICO attorney Joshua Klayman has left her firm of five years, Morrison Foerster, to strike it out on her own. The move is the latest among leading blockchain barristers bolting for greener pastures as the industry takes off. Klayman was a rising star at “MoFo,” where she was the founding chair of its blockchain and smart contracts group. Among the deals she worked on was the Sprint/T-Mobile merger. In addition to her new firm, Klayman LLC, she will be consulting for global legal firm Shearman & Sterling LLP. Klayman has also started a consulting business, Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors, LLC. (IPBA’s CTO, Alex Rass, is a technical consultant and…