• Bitcoin Cash
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    Luxury site Fancy leaves Coinbase for BitPay, adds Bitcoin Cash

    Cryptomillionaires can now buy $22,000 Hermès bags with either bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash

    “You need to check this out!” Seconds later, the first chords of the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” were blasting. The windowpanes were rattling. Little things that are usually found on desks were vibrating in a corner office in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. It was 10:35 a.m. on a summer Monday morning. Joseph Einhorn, CEO of Fancy, was showing me his favorite gadget. It was a Cotodama Lyric Speaker, about the size of an attaché case and mostly glass. It was shocking the glass wasn’t breaking even though my eardrums were on the verge of doing so. Then, as Sir Mick’s voice began to shout the first verse, the song’s lyrics…

  • Yen vs bitcoin
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    Bitcoin and other cryptos are down heavily because of Japan

    FSA cites 6 exchanges while MtGox’s legal proceedings take new turn

    Japan delivered a one-two punch to HODLers of bitcoin on Friday, knocking BTC prices down 8 percent and similarly pummeling most of the cryptocurrency complex. First came news that regulators served six of Japan’s largest crypto exchanges with “business improvement orders”. Financial Services Agency (FSA) has been displeased with how these exchanges are implementing anti-money laundering procedures. QUOINE, bitFlyer, Bit Bank, BTC Box, Bit Point, and Tech Bureau were all told publicly to fix their internal controls. bitFlyer, the world’s sixth-largest bitcoin exchange according to CoinMarketCap, responded by announcing, “To ensure this process is completed quickly and effectively, we will be voluntarily and temporarily suspending the onboarding of new customers.”…

  • Tuna
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    Starting next month, 8 countries will use the Ethereum blockchain to track tuna

    This will be the first large-scale blockchain initiative in the $42 billion tuna industry

    For those who think blockchain is fishy, they may be right after all. That’s because a huge chunk of the world’s tuna may be tracked by blockchain technology as soon as next month. Pacifical, the tuna marketing company created by eight Pacific island nations, announced this week at the SeaWeb Sustainable Seafood Summit in Barcelona “a blockchain initiative covering all its MSC certified sustainably caught tuna by the end of July 2018.” According to Pacifical, this will be the first large-scale blockchain initiative in the $42 billion tuna industry. “The system will cover the entire supply chain and chain of custody of about 35 million tuna fish caught annually in…

  • Bitcoin Core closeup
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    An artist is making blankets out of blockchain data and they’re gorgeous

    Phillip David Stearns turns raw data from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Monero blockchains into things of beauty

    Moon Lambos are out of the reach of most crypto HODLers, but there’s a more interesting and less gauche way of showing ones love of all things blockchain. An artist based in—where else?—Bushwick, Brooklyn, has created a series of beautiful blankets designed from blockchain data. Phillip David Stearns has been turning his glitch art into textiles for several years, and has done similar projects for Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company. He recently started experimenting with blockchain data to produce new designs and began selling blankets with blockchain-based patterns on his website just this past week. They currently sell for $200 each. “With the blockchain blankets, the patterns are produced by…