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    Coinbase cautious after Bitcoin Cash accusations

    On heels of completed investigation, exchange indicates they’ll handle new coins differently

    Just before Coinbase formally added Bitcoin Cash () to its trading platform in December of last year, the price skyrocketed. Candles showing Bitcoin Cash’s price were tall and green. Rumors that someone inside Coinbase leaked the addition of the new coin to the trading platform—or that employees themselves were taking advantage of the chance to buy low—were rampant. Eight months later, Coinbase says their internal investigation into insider trading is complete. The company told Fortune they found no evidence of wrongdoing and did not terminate any employee as a result of their investigation. “We would not hesitate to terminate an employee or contractor and/or take appropriate legal action if evidence…

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    2018 Bitcoin price predictions

    Keep track of the prognosticators’ prognostication, all in one place!

    Every day, another strategist or pundit has a prediction on where the price of bitcoin is headed by year’s end. Modern Consensus wants to help you keep track of it all (also, we want to keep track of it all, too). And, we can hold their feet to the fire if they’re wrong on December 31. It’ll be fun! Below is our running list of 2018 bitcoin price targets from various prognosticators. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates. Prediction date May 14, 2018 Bitcoin price on date $8,673 Prognosticator Arthur Hayes Firm Bitmex Price target $50,000 Notes In July, Hayes told CNBC’s Fast Money that $5,000 level…

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    Why the SEC should reject a Bitcoin ETF

    The crypto market needs to grow up and tackle rampant manipulation and fraud

    The bitcoin trading market is rampant with manipulation and fraud on even some of the largest exchanges. We therefore believe it would be a grave mistake for the Securities and Exchange Commission to greenlight a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) at this time. The SEC is currently accepting public comments on the proposed launch of just such a product, via a joint bid by the investment firm VanEck and the financial services company SolidX. Those of us who believe in free markets hail the proliferation of crypto exchanges that has occurred since the start of the decade. The hope is that, eventually, the fairest and most honest exchanges will attract the most…

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    Sparks fly at Fortune’s ‘Making Money Move’ panel in Aspen

    Stripe and Ripple reps throw shade at IBM for buzzword bingo

    At Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen last week, the state of women in tech was at the front of everybody’s minds. With 245 tweets or retweets mentioning women over the course of the conference, the topic comprised a full 10 percent of the Twitter conversation about the conference: File under: It can be done. Just under half of all mainstage speakers at #FortuneTech were women. — Dan Primack (@danprimack) July 18, 2018 That dynamic set the stage for the conference’s premiere crypto panel. “Making Money Move” featured two female panelists and female moderator Jen Wieczner—a clear indication of the industry’s dedication to break away from its reputation of being…