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    Must-reads for October 31, 2018: #MeToo goes blockchain in China, U.S. gov’t and Bitcoin, and Africa’s hope in DLT

    Chinese Activists Are Using Blockchain to Document #MeToo Stories (Harvard Business Review) Censors in China cracked down on women sharing their experiences on social media of being sexually harassed. In response, some began putting their stories into a blockchain ledger. That raises some tough questions, however, because the stories become immutable. “What do libel suits look like when records can’t be deleted from the blockchain? What about the “right to be forgotten” that is built into privacy policy in some countries?” asks MIT’s Catherine Tucker and Harbin Institute of Technology’s Yudan Pang.   EY Reveals Zero-Knowledge Proof Privacy Solution for Ethereum (CoinDesk) Accounting firm EY (what, they’re too cool to…

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    Bitcoin can’t destroy the world if most people continue ignoring it

    Bitcoin’s white paper came out a decade ago this week, and perhaps a positive sign of its success is this week’s big, dire headline: “Bitcoin emissions alone could push global warming above 2°C.” However, there’s a problem (or, perhaps, not really a problem): the paper was written with the assumption that the Bitcoin bulls and HODL bros are right. Reality may say otherwise, to the benefit of the global environment. Written by seven academics at the University of Hawai‘i and published by Nature, the piece used a significant part of Alex de Vries’ work on his site, Digiconomist. De Vries has been sounding the alarm regarding Bitcoin’s threat to the…

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    Canadian crypto exchange hacked, all assets stolen, internet cries ‘Scam!’

    A hack at a small Canadian crypto exchange left its users holding the bag Sunday, as MapleChange announced it had lost all its assets and would not be able to immediately refund its users. On Sunday afternoon, the exchange, which has Edmonton, Alberta listed as its location on Twitter, announced that a security breach allowed someone to steal all the assets it held. MapleChange added that it would not be able to refund the cryptocurrency until it investigates what happened. The hack followed MapleChange’s announcement Saturday on Twitter that it had upgraded its server and launched a version 2.0.0. https://twitter.com/MapleChangeEx/status/1056582662435954688 It’s unclear how MapleChange’s investigation is going, as the exchange…

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    Must-reads for October 29, 2018: Bitcoin might be a threat to democracy but may be replaced and no one cares anyway

    Is Bitcoin Secretly Messing with the Midterms? (Politico) According to Betteridge’s Law, “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” This is no exception.   Bitcoin seems indestructible but is another cryptocurrency about to take its place? (The Independent) According to Betteridge’s Law, “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” This is no exception.   Bitcoin Can Boast Incredible Stability, But Interest Also Hits a Low (Today) Bitcoin’s low volatility is coinciding with a drop in Google searches for the term “Bitcoin” (it’s at its lowest since May 2017). Does that explain everything? Probably not,…