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    Bitfinex may issue exchange tokens to cover potential loss of $850 million

    Tokens would make up for funds seized from Bitfinex by several governments, although the company says it expect their release ‘imminently’

    Embattled cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex may be planning to issue a proprietary exchange token to cover the potential loss of $850 million, according to the founder of cryptocurrency venture capital firm dFund.

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    We compare the Coinbase and McAfee cards

    Here’s what we learned about the two

    Crypto wild man John McAfee and Coinbase both made big announcements about crypto debit cards this week. True to form, McAfee’s posits itself as functioning outside of the system to protect you from “the man”. And Coinbase’s just looks like another place for them to collect fees. We tracked down all the info we could on them.

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    Bitfinex CEO says $850 million NY Attorney General called ‘lost’ was actually seized

    Weekend email to crypto exchange’s users does not say how or why those funds were seized by authorities of four countries including the U.S. and U.K.

    In disputing the New York State Attorney General’s claim that embattled cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin-issuer Tether have lost $850 million, the CEO of the two firms’ parent company has raised a bigger question: why have four governments, including the U.S. and U.K., seized its money?

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    Yelp now lets users sort businesses by who accepts crypto

    We tried the new feature and like a lot of things in crypto, it’s a good idea that only sorta works a little bit—but that’s because of an underlying problem

    My first crypto moment was in 2012 when I saw that my local bodega had a credit card minimum of $10, but they would accept bitcoin. It was exciting but a little confusing. Yelp hopes to change that by adding “Accepts Cryptocurrency” as a qualifier on their app. We tried it out and here’s how it went: