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    Sticking it to Craig Wright, crypto entrepreneur wants everyone to be Satoshi Nakamoto

    The race to claim the title of copyright-certified Bitcoin creator has begun

    Cue the dueling banjos, it’s a battle of the Satoshi Nakamotos! On May 24, Wei Liu, a crypto entrepreneur and investor, filed a copyright registration stating that he is really the author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System.”

  • 11 crypto firms sued illegal ICOs

    Tron’s BitTorrent File System to bring decentralized storage and crypto rewards for filesharing

    Justin Sun’s Tron’s BTT tokens will power the leading peer-to-peer media file sharing network

    Tron is adding decentralized storage and a cryptocurrency-based reward mechanism into its BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing service. Adding the blockchain solution is a step in Tron’s long-term plan to create a privacy-focused, user-controlled, decentralized internet, the company said in a May 31 release. Tron’s new BitTorrent File System (BTFS) will be incorporated into the broader BitTorrent P2P network, which has 100 million monthly users. A distributed application (DApp) platform, BTFS will be used by BitTorrent users to receive, send, and host media files. BTFS will use the Tron-based BTT utility tokens launched on January 3 to reward hosts who store shareable files and provide bandwidth. The way BitTorrent works is…

  • James Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, JPMorgan Chase. Photo: World Economic Forum via Wiki Commons).
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    JPMorgan adds KYC-defeating technology to Ethereum-based payment privacy tool Zether

    The banking giant open-sources a user-anonymity tool for cryptocurrency

    Just as international financial regulators are about to announce stronger "know your customer" requirements for cryptocurrencies, banking giant JPMorgan Chase has released software designed to help people avoid them.

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    RIP Coin: Funeral business looks to blockchain as Baby Boomers’ deaths fuel growth

    An initial exchange offering to die for?

    The Global Funeral Care Foundation will close an initial exchange offering of its GFC token on June 1. The goal is to build a blockchain-based industry platform that will let consumers create fully customizable funerals online, compare prices and write reviews, and find funeral homes. In addition, there will be a marketplace for goods and services—including everything from caskets to funeral insurance. Services for the industry will include an advertising venue, news and regulatory updates, a continuing education learning center, and a talent attraction program.