• Fidelity invests again in OSL

    Fidelity invests again in Hong Kong crypto exchange OSL

    The asset management giant’s second investment comes shortly after Hong Kong regulators granted the firm a digital asset brokers license

    In February, BC Technology Group CEO Hugh Madden said “We’re excited to see that world-class equity investors are increasingly participating in the fast-growing digital asset sector, and we look forward to reaching new milestones with our industry-leading institutional investors.”

  • Hong Kong embracing digital yuan
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    Hong Kong embracing digital yuan

    The Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s chief executive said it is working with the People’s Bank of China to give the digital yuan a cross-border test

    While Hong Kong is part of China, it is a special administrative region, meaning it has a border and a separate central bank. Which makes it an excellent cross-border test partner for the digital currency China is testing.

  • Hong Kong banning retail crypto
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    Hong Kong plans to ban retail investors from buying crypto

    Local authorities said the proposed measures will bring Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regulations on par with the rest of the world

    Hong Kong authorities have proposed a set of new licensing requirements for crypto exchanges and banned retail investors from buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

  • digital yuan coming to Beijing
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    China’s digital yuan is coming to Beijing, Hong Kong

    The country announced a major expansion of its central bank digital currency test, taking it from four cities to the capital, economic engine Hong Kong, and several provinces including wealthy Guangdong

    China’s Commerce Ministry said on Aug. 14 that it is expanding its central bank digital currency experiment to the capital and some of the country’s wealthiest regions, the Wall Street Journal reported.