• Anchorage custody Oasis Network ROSE
    Alt coins

    Anchorage to custody Oasis Network’s ROSE coin

    The Visa-backed crypto custodian will give utility token’s owners the option of holding their assets in an environment that’s more secure than cold storage

    The California-based crypto company Anchorage has been chosen as the official custody partner for the Oasis Network’s utility token, ROSE. Anchorage, which counts Visa among its investors, is set to give ROSE token-holders the option of holding their assets in an environment that is both more secure and usable than what cold storage provides. When the Oasis Network’s mainnet launches, this cryptocurrency will enable the blockchain’s participants to initiate and approve transactions securely, vote on governance questions, and benefit from its Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. “We have been working with the Oasis Labs team building custody support, testing functionality against their testnets, and helping support their dry run mainnet exercises,” Diogo…

  • Digital yuan threatens euro
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics

    EU has five years to combat China’s digital yuan

    German think tank dGen editor Maggie Clarendon warns the euro will be overtaken by the Chinese central bank digital currency unless the EU launches its own by 2025

    According to the report, the proliferation of CBDCs could jeopardize the euro's status as the world’s second most important currency. However, dGen believes that a digital euro could help remedy this, and potentially help strengthen ties between member states in the increasingly fractured European Union.

  • High crypto adoption countries
    Bitcoin,  Tether

    Revealed: The countries with the highest levels of everyday crypto use

    Ukraine, Russia and Venezuela top the Chainalysis list—but major economies such as India and the U.K. narrowly miss a place in the top 10

    Joining Ukraine in the top 10 were Russia, Venezuela, China, Kenya, the U.S., South Africa, Nigeria, Colombia, and Vietnam. Overall, the company said that its findings show “excitement around cryptocurrency as an investment and, especially in the developing world, as a means of value storage and medium of exchange.”

  • crypto clean stolen cash

    Money launderers use crypto to clean stolen cash

    According to a new report, cold, hard cash stolen from banks and ATMs is often converted into cryptocurrencies—helping cybercriminals to muddy the waters

    According to the report, the main challenge for criminals in the wake of a fiat cyber heist is ensuring that ill-gotten gains are clean—making it difficult to tell those assets were from the proceeds of a crime. But the authors also found evidence of a “significant cybercrime group” converting cash obtained from ATM thefts into cryptocurrency, indicating that digital assets are being used to muddy the waters at a later stage.

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