• Zachery Ty Bryan
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    Former ‘Home Improvement’ star is now an agriculture blockchain entrepreneur

    Zachery Ty Bryan’s new role is ‘Green Acres,’ blockchain-style

    Your food makes a lot of stops on its way from the farm to your plate. The agricultural production chain is riddled with middlemen—packagers, distributors, logistics, and beyond—each one of them taking their cut. The humble farmer ultimately receives a fraction of the value of his goods, and he is often the last person paid in the process. But in the same way that cryptocurrency technology circumvents the middlemen in financial transactions, it’s now being implemented to change how produce moves around the world while ensuring farmers make more money. It’s a project called Producer’s Market, and it has some unlikely star power attached to it: Zachery Ty Bryan of…

  • Film director
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    Crypto token lets owners ‘direct’ adult videos

    More like Satoshi Make-a-porno, amirite?!

    It’s like bitcoin, if bitcoin were specifically designed for transacting within the adult industry. Adult entertainment studio VogoV is introducing a crypto-token that merges the blockchain with pornography. Spearheaded by veteran adult performer Markus Dupree (who holds AVN awards like “best orgy” and “most outrageous sex scene”), the company’s OGO token grants holders discounts on porn products, getting them into three different paid membership sites at one-third their usual cost. The tokens simultaneously function as “votes” for the studio’s production decisions, letting you select an unproduced adult film’s cast, setting, and scenario. This means you could use OGO tokens to kinda-sorta co-direct a porno. “One of our main goals is…

  • Wall Street
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    How crypto could change when financial markets start trading

    Why does Wall Street clock out at 4 p.m. every day?

    John Zanni is President of Acronis, a data backup and cyber-protection company that makes broad use of blockchain technology to secure its’ customers’ data. As a business, Acronis isn’t interested in cryptocurrency but instead works closely with the technology that powers it. Acronis harnesses the blockchain’s ability to move and validate information. While he does personally hold some bitcoin, Zanni says he only cares about cryptocurrency in the context of how it’s going to change the world. “Crypto markets run 24/7 while Wall Street shuts down at 5:00,” he said. “That tells me that sometime within our lifetimes, conventional trading will also be 24/7.” Indeed, Wall Street’s buy-and-sell drama only…

  • Mike Butcher
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    The blockchain’s biggest problem isn’t technology, it’s trust

    The impersonal technology that powers ICOs has a very human problem

    How well do you know what you’re putting money into when you invest in the latest and greatest ICO? Do you know if it’s a legitimate project backed by knowledgeable people? To hear one pundit explain it, trust is the main ingredient that will carry blockchain technology into the mainstream. TechCrunch star correspondent Mike Butcher was keynote speaker at BlockShow, filling an auditorium of crypto-geeks in Berlin to give a presentation titled “Disinformation Will Kill Crypto.” Clad in his notorious leather jacket, Butcher tackled the gigantic topics of trust and money head-on. “Capitalism requires trust to work, and ICOs are a minefield,” Butcher said. He cited a bleak study by…