• Just Eat France accepts Bitcoin

    Crypto community celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day

    Meme turns into blockchain’s only real holiday, and crypto Twitter is here for it

    On May 22, 2010, two pizza pies were bought by a person named Laszlo Hanyecz through a bitcoin forum. While the pies themselves were mundane, the transaction was revolutionary—they were bought with 10,000 bitcoins, worth roughly $41 at the time. Now that one purchase gages the health of the entire $258 billion cryptocurrency market. Even the some of the biggest cryptocurrency nuts probably couldn’t tell you if the bitcoin whitepaper came out in 2008 or 2009 (it was January 3, 2009). But while even fewer can tell you the day that Ethereum launched (July 30, 2015),many in blockchain can list May 22 as blockchain’s pretty much only holiday. Bitcoin Pizza…

  • Robinhood
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    Review | We tried out Robinhood’s fee-free crypto app and here’s what we found

    The cons outweigh the pros—here’s why

    On Monday, popular stock app Robinhood rolled out zero-fee crypto trades for users in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Montana, with other states to follow. Just announcing that they would do something like this sent Robinhood’s valuation well over $5 billion. Users in those states can invest in 16 cryptocurrencies, including popular names like bitcoin, ether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple’s XRP. And Robinhood also has some lesser-known coins like Zcash, Monero, Dash, and even the semi-serious Dogecoin. TechCrunch called it the “Coinbase-killer” but we are wary of the entire platform. Robinhood joins Abra and Uphold in the “invest in” crypto bandwagon. They want you to have an easy way to…

  • Burning money is a recurring theme in cryptocurrency (via Pixabay).

    Coinbase, Gemini, Bitstamp, and Changelly: Here’s how their fees compare

    If you invested $100 in bitcoin 2010, it would be $75 million today. But after fees…

    Everybody in crypto swears they were going to buy some bitcoin (BTC) on some exact date they read about and that we could be having this conversation on their yacht. Tai Lopez likes to remind listeners to his Bitcoin Crypto Mastermind podcast,“Remember, if you had invested $100 in bitcoin in 2010, you would have $75 million today.” But he doesn’t ever really pick a day. Most agree that if you put in $100 on July 28, 2010 you would have $28,341,266 on December 12, 2017. We’ll give Tai the $75 million just for the sake of argument. Some early exchanges such as iGot (now Bitlio) had 0% buying fees on…