• XRP price growth

    XRP is back in the No. 3 slot. What caused its sudden surge?

    Is XRP basking in the glow of Bitcoin’s gains, a forthcoming airdrop, or is excitement building over a new Ripple patent? The main theories behind the altcoin’s triple-digit rise

    Between January and October, BTC ballooned by 90%—and ETH performed even better than that, clocking impressive gains of 196%. XRP, we hear you ask? Er, 25%. But it seems that XRP was just biding its time. Out of nowhere, the altcoin surged by 178% from $0.28 to highs of $0.78… taking many crypto pundits by surprise.

  • Bitcoin falters Ether XRP surge
    Alt coins,  Bitcoin,  Ethereum,  Ripple

    Is altseason upon us? As Bitcoin falters, Ether and XRP surge ahead

    Altcoins are picking up where the world’s biggest cryptocurrency left off, with XRP surging by a staggering 113% over the past seven days to regain its Top 3 spot

    BTC prices have risen by 9.7% over the past week, gains that aren’t to be sniffed at. But this pales in comparison to the 31.8% surge in ETH over the same period, with XRP climbing by a staggering 113.25%.

  • Mariner Wealth Advisors

    Mainstream financial giant Mariner Wealth Advisors to start offering Bitcoin

    The firm’s customers will have access to the Eaglebrook Bitcoin SMA, which will see them directly own BTC in insured Gemini Custody accounts

    The firm explains that financial advisors’ demand for Bitcoin has increased due to current trends, which include “growth in investment demand from millennials and institutional investors, Bitcoin’s potential as an inflation hedge in response to monetary stimulus and the asymmetric upside of the investment.”

  • markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin hits $17,000 amid forecasts that All-Time Highs are next

    $1,000 of gains in a single day mimic Bitcoin’s 2017 bull run in style but not substance, analysts say as price barriers tumble

    Bitcoin gained over $1,000 to surge to more than $17,000 on November 17 as a night of steady trading culminated in a fresh uptick. Data from price trackers including CoinMarketCap showed Bitcoin reclaiming yet another milestone price level on Tuesday, with bulls firmly shaking off the weekend’s wobble.