• MakerDAO bringing Bitcoin to Ethereum
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    MakerDAO bringing Bitcoin to Ethereum blockchain

    It’s hoped the addition of ‘wrapped Bitcoin’ will give the DeFi sector a much-needed boost, but bridging the two blockchains is fiddly to say the least; tBTC pitched as a better alternative

    Wrapped Bitcoin—an ERC-20 token that is backed on a 1:1 basis with BTC—is now being accepted as collateral for MakerDAO loans. It’s a significant development, not least because the crypto community has lamented the lack of a bridge between BTC and ETH for some time.

  • Brad Stephens in the Blockchain Capital office in San Francisco (photo by Martine Paris).

    INTERVIEW: Blockchain Capital’s origin story is steeped in gaming lore

    Martine Paris interviews Brad Stephens about everything from video game currencies to Facebook’s GlobalCoin

    When the sons of legendary investment banker Paul Stephens met Mighty Ducks star Brock Pierce, they were avid World of Warcraft gamers and he was amassing an empire of digital goods exchanges where players could buy, sell, and trade valuable in-game items and virtual currency. Together they would go on to form Blockchain Capital, the first venture capital firm to fund the blockchain ecosystem.

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    Is crypto the future of money? Panelists debate

    No existing cryptocurrencies exhibit the three characteristics of money all that well

    [Modern Consensus sent Michael Hillmeyer to check out the blockchain and cryptocurrency panels at the Propelify tech and music conference in Hoboken. You can read his review of the first panel (“Diversity in the Blockchain Industry and Why It’s Important to Get It Right Now”). Also, check out his review of the third panel (“Is Blockchain the Answer to Big Data Problems AND Does Blockchain Create Existential Threats to Intermediaries?”)] In this second panel, “Is Crypto the Future of Money?” another standing room only crowd watched moderator Joe Leo of Def Method get right to the point by asking the eponymous question. James Putra*, director of product strategy and innovation…