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    Goodbit wants to teach your mom how to use crypto

    Oakland blockchain startup knows that mass adoption will require the masses

    About a year ago, the crypto markets started heating up—so much so that people who knew almost nothing about it wanted to climb on board. As the market soared to new heights, Brown University student Lucas Tesler took note. Back then, he and his crypto-savvy friends found themselves fielding questions from their classmates every day. So they put together a little information guide, at first just a 25-page PDF. But over time, they realized that for crypto to reach mass adoption on the scale of, say, email, it would have to be something everyone could understand. Thus Tesler, with classmates Zack Jordan and Maverick Kuhn, became the latest Ivy League…

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    Must-reads September 12, 2018: Despite the hype, crypto’s plunge is awful

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

    ‘This is something we have to do to push the ecosystem forward’: Tyler Winklevoss explains why Gemini is launching a crypto coin pegged to the US dollar (Business Insider) The Winklevoss brothers say their stable coin, which is also regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services and with assets held at State Street, will help draw in institutional money and confidence into crypto. That’s cool because…   Crypto’s 80% Plunge Is Now Worse Than the Dot-Com Crash (Bloomberg) Here’s a sad stat: The “money of the future” is having an awful present. Crypto market caps are now 80 percent off their peak, a drop worse than Nasdaq’s…

  • Hacker phishing

    Here’s what it’s like to have cyber thieves hack you for your crypto accounts

    Even the editor in chief of Modern Consensus can get attacked

    I wasn’t going to write this piece. However, I saw this tweet on Tuesday: Hearing more and more about individuals involved in cryptocurrency having indications of cyberattacks directed at them multiples times/year. Numbers ported out, spoofed SMS, targeted phishing emails, coordinated/timed events. — Jackie 🤦🏽‍♀️ (@find_evil) July 10, 2018 I just became one of those people. Here’s how I was cyberattacked. This past Thursday night. I started getting a series of emails. First it was from Google. A Gmail account I use for a site that I run had a login. At 10:13 p.m., “Your Google Account was just signed in to from a new Motorola Moto E (4) device.…

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    ‘Crypto-powered’ storefront was a misleading letdown

    If you can’t have a crypto store at BlockShow, then where can you?

    This year’s BlockShow saw some 3,000 attendees flock to Berlin to hear the latest and greatest about the wide world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and we were pleased to see the event host a designated “Spend Your Crypto Here” zone. By all external appearances, it was a place where you could exchange your bitcoin, ether, or other cryptocurrency for t-shirts and conference knick-knacks. Among a tech-savvy crowd of this size, it made loads of sense to offer such a crypto-enabled storefront. Finally, a place where it was perfectly normal to pay with digital currency! Then we asked the booth attendant which kinds of crypto she would accept in exchange…