• OKEx launches real-time settlements

    Crypto exchange OKEx launches real-time settlements

    Recovering from a six-week lockdown, the derivatives crypto exchange now allows its users to withdraw their funds at any time

    The new feature “will provide a better trading experience for users, improve the capital efficiency of their funds and enable greater cross-exchange arbitrage opportunities," said OKEx head of financial markets, Lennix Lai. “This is hugely beneficial to traders carrying out cross-exchange arbitrage.”

  • OKEx ether derivatives

    Derivatives exchange OKEx targets small investors with real-time data

    The crypto exchange has partnered with data analytics site Skew to provide real-time data for ether derivatives, hoping to make the financial product less ‘intimidating’

    Top cryptocurrency derivatives exchange OKEx announced a new initiative aiming to make its ether (ETH) derivatives more transparent and easier for average investors to understand.