• If a government shutdown looked like this, then a bodega cat may be walking around the Rotunda looking for snacks (via Pixabay).
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    PayPal’s 0% cash advance for furlough workers is honorable, necessary—and bad.

    Is Dan Schulman being held captive by the Coast Guard?

    Elected representatives making six-figure salaries are playing career-chicken with the American worker. That’s wrong to begin with. But the real problem with PayPal’s program is that it’s a salve for government negotiators, not the affected employees.

  • Craig Wright talks to Brendan Sullivan of Modern Consensus via Skype.

    Craig Wright eviscerates everything: The Modern Consensus interview

    The man who could be Satoshi Nakamoto does a lot of swearing about socialism, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Trump’s wall, Steve Jobs turtlenecks, and why he can’t get into the US

    A decade ago—on January 12, 2008—the first Bitcoin transaction went from “Satoshi Nakamoto” to Hal Finney. Those 10 years were an explosive time where an industry went from a shared PDF to a $500 billion marketplace and now back down to about $125 billion.