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    DJ 3LAU music festival with Big Sean, Zedd, and Matt & Kim makes a big bet on crypto

    OMF’s crypto-only presale sells out in just 30 minutes

    It’s summer, which means I spend most of my weekends traveling from one group of pretty people to the next. I’m the DJ who NPR has called “the commissioner of the Song of the Summer” and I stay busy. Whether they’re in LA, the Hamptons, or up in Saratoga Springs (come by this coming Saturday!). I play a song and then before it’s over I play another. People shake their butts. This is what I do. I love music. But I pretty much never go to festivals that I’m not playing. There’s something about concerts that is just so uncool. It’s not cool to give a ticket scalper money that…

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    Blockchain strikes a chord with the music industry

    eMusic latest to announce token, decentralized platform for artists to get tunes into headphones

    Jared Bowser was brushing his teeth, about to leave for a concert, when he heard a knock at the front door. The 19-year-old still lived with his parents. His mother, the only other person home, answered the door and walked back to the bathroom. “Her voice was the crying, shaky kind,” Bowser said. “She asked me ‘Jared, why is the FBI at the door?’” Two agents dressed in black suits with leather bound portfolios sat at the kitchen table and asked about five songs by musician Ryan Adams they said Bowser shared on the internet. The songs had not yet been released, but Bowser had copies thanks to a friend…