• Gamers embrace blockchain

    Why gaming could be the ultimate use case for blockchain adoption

    Gamers are far more likely to see the benefits of blockchain technology than the American public at large, a new poll suggests

    According to the report, gamers are 20% more likely to see the benefit of blockchain technology than American adults as a whole. On average, those who like whiling away the hours on their game consoles spend about $168 a year on virtual goods… and many are annoyed at how they’re denied true ownership of these items.

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    17-year-old’s tokenized artwork sold for $21,350

    Morgan Creek Digital Assets founder Anthony Pompliano said that he believes the creator to be ‘the best digital artist in the world’

    According to Nifty Gateway data, the artwork depicting a stylized New York Skyline was commissioned by Pompliano and his partner Jason Williams from the 17-year-old artist Fewocious.

  • OVR tokenizes AR earth

    Blockchain startup tokenizes the real world for augmented reality real estate

    In a nod to Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash,” OVR plans to allow the owners of its digital land plots to place augmented reality experiences on their “real” estate

    OVR divided the entire surface of the earth into 1.6 trillion hexagons measuring 300 square meters each and assigned a non-fungible token (NFT) to each one. The NFTs—hosted on the Ethereum blockchain—are meant to represent ownership of each hexagon of digital space, and give owners virtual rights over that area.

  • KuCoin NFT Market

    Crypto exchange KuCoin to launch a non-fungible token market

    The Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange claims to be ‘the first major crypto platform to support the deposit and withdrawal of NFT assets’

    KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said that the firm is paying close attention to the NFT market and “although NFTs don't have enough market attention at present, the potential is great.”