• distracted DeFi-ing
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    How to lose nearly $25,000 by distracted DeFi-ing

    An unlucky crypto collector lost 59 ether by carelessly selling a non-fungible token with a skin of YouTuber PewDiePie for the mobile game Wallem on NFT exchange Opensea

    There’s no going back on a smart contract, particularly one agreed to on a decentralized exchange. One cryptocurrency investor found that out the hard way on Nov. 4, accidentally selling a non-fungible token of YouTuber PewDiePie for 59 ether (WETH) less than he had bought it for a few hours earlier. That’s a loss of nearly $24,500 as of press time.

  • Crypto art Block 21

    Crypto art paying tribute to Bitcoin’s inventor sells for $130,000 at auction

    The selling price of the Satoshi Nakamoto-themed artwork was seven times the “high” estimate set by Christie’s, one of the world’s best-known auction houses

    In “Block 21,” 322,048 digits from Satoshi Nakamoto’s original code for Bitcoin are painstakingly engraved and individually painted. It’s part of a wider collection of 40 circular panels called “Portraits Of A Mind” that feature a full transcription of all 12.3 million digits. Bidding at the Christie’s auction house had originally started at $22,000—far beyond the initial estimate of $12,000 to $18,000—but the artwork ended up selling for a whopping $131,250.

  • Coincheck Lists CryptoKitties
    Alt coins

    CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shots move onto Coincheck exchange

    Coincheck users will gain access to the blockchain collectibles like CryptoKitties created by Dapper Labs; NBA Top Shots open to all traders

    Major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck announced that it will launch support for the non-fungible tokens created by Dapper Labs, best known as the creator of collectible cartoon cat figurines game CryptoKitties, where the most expensive card was sold for about $170,000 in late 2018.

  • Kaleido’s co-founders, CEO Steve Cervency and COO Sophia Lopez, at the Ethereal Summit in Tel Aviv, September 15, 2019 (photo by Molly Jane Zuckerman for Modern Consensus).

    Zk-SNARKs: What are they and how can they protect your privacy?: A talk with Kaleido

    During this weekend’s Ethereal Summit in Tel Aviv, Modern Consensus grabbed some time with enterprise blockchain solution startup Kaleido’s founders to talk about this awkwardly named technology

    Blockchain solution Kaleido, which is backed by ConsenSys, is working on a way to make privacy more of a reality in the enterprise blockchain sphere. While Kaleido made even the traditional financial news headlines last May for its collaboration with Amazon Web Services, the startup’s recent partnership with privacy tech firm QEDIT for zero-knowledge proofs implementation is a decidedly less-recognized name. Modern Consensus spoke with Kaleido’s co-founders, CEO Steve Cervency and COO Sophia Lopez, on this deep tech topic.