• PayPal invests Paxos
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    PayPal doubles down on crypto, investing in Paxos

    The payment processing giant already uses the firm’s crypto brokerage and custody services, now PayPal is an investor in its $142M series C funding round

    Cascarilla said Paxos intends to use the funds to hire at least 100 more employees and build trust by obtaining more regulatory licenses, including a national bank charter and SOC 2 certification. The certification is a very tough, very well-respected audit of a company’s processes for securing and protecting customer data. Paxos will also focus on increasing the type and number of tokenized assets it handles.

  • PayPal stock record buy more BTC mined

    As customers buy more BTC than miners create, PayPal’s stock hits record high

    Barely a month after the payments giant allowed U.S. customers to start buy bitcoin from their accounts, demand is outstripping the supply of new bitcoins

    PayPal only began allowing U.S. customers to buy, sell, and hold bitcoin, ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash on Nov. 12. In 2021, it will expand that service to its whole 350 million strong international customer base, president and CEO Dan Schulman said. That will vastly expanding the number of potential mainstream retail investors.

  • What Bitcoin all-time high mean hodlers
    Bitcoin,  Opinion

    Bitcoin is back at all-time highs—What does this mean for Hodlers?

    A seminal moment has happened in Bitcoin as BTC/USD returns to beat its 2017 top on many exchanges. What’s the significance?

    The sense of achievement is palpable among those who had waited three years to revisit levels which appeared only briefly in 2017. Now that they have returned, what does it say about Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin hits new all-time high: Binance, Gemini

    Digital gold is mooning again, with some crypto industry leaders proclaiming a new all-time high as BTC passed the $19,783 mark

    Binance—the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest volume—pointed out Bitcoin’s new all-time high in a tweet sent on Nov. 30. Market data available on TradingView indicates that the coin touched a price of $19,869 per BTC after 3 PM UTC.