• Bitcoin Banknotes
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    Bitcoin Banknotes take cryptocurrency back to its fiat roots

    Former Bitcoin Foundation Chairman Peter Vessenes’ new banknotes will ‘look and feel like top-of-the-line currency while providing the coveted security of blockchain technology’

    Bitcoin kept in a hardware wallet is arguably safer—harder to steal—and does not require trust in a third-party custodian keeping the Bitcoin when compared to a banknote in a safety deposit box. Still, Felix claims that a banknote would not only be more accessible, but also trustworthy

  • Roger Ver (via RogerVer.com).
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    EXCLUSIVE: Roger Ver-backed Evercoin announces $1 million pre-seed round

    Bitcoin pioneer applies for Libra membership | Modern Consensus Interview

    Roger Ver gave me three big announcements as an exclusive to Modern Consensus. First, he is breaking news with us about his investment in the mobile crypto wallet and non-custodial exchange Evercoin. Second, he told me he just submitted Bitcoin.com’s application to join the Facebook-led Libra Association. And third, he shared details about the addition of Stefan Rust as Bitcoin.com’s CEO.