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    2018 Bitcoin price predictions

    Keep track of the prognosticators’ prognostication, all in one place!

    Every day, another strategist or pundit has a prediction on where the price of bitcoin is headed by year’s end. Modern Consensus wants to help you keep track of it all (also, we want to keep track of it all, too). And, we can hold their feet to the fire if they’re wrong on December 31. It’ll be fun! Below is our running list of 2018 bitcoin price targets from various prognosticators. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates. Prediction date May 14, 2018 Bitcoin price on date $8,673 Prognosticator Arthur Hayes Firm Bitmex Price target $50,000 Notes In July, Hayes told CNBC’s Fast Money that $5,000 level…

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    Bitcoin drops during Consensus, despite Tom Lee’s call for a rally

    Fundstrat chief expected a rally, got a drop instead

    Consensus 2018 has come and gone and if there’s just one takeaway, it’s this: Tom Lee has some bad timing. Fundstrat’s founder and head of research braced investors for a Consensus-based rally that just didn’t happen. On May 7, Lee wrote to his paying clients, “We expect the Consensus rally to be even larger than past years,” noting that bitcoin gained 69 percent during the Consensus 2017 and 138 percent over the following two months. Since attendance this year was already expected to be triple the 2,700 from last year, Lee argued, bitcoin should expect a big boost. Oops! Instead, bitcoin prices tanked. If one had taken Lee’s recommendation and…

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    More pointless bitcoin price predictions are here just in time for 2018

    It’s the last week of the 2017, which means it’s time to get inundated with silly bitcoin price predictions for 2018! When it comes to bitcoin, few things are as worthless as Wall Street analysts’ prognostications. For one, you have an asset solely priced on volatile supply and demand. While total supply is known, how much can and will hit the market is anyone’s guess, so long as that number is under 17 million coins at any given time. On the demand side, retail appetite, regulations, and the influx of institutional money are also all up in the air. Yet analysts need to get paid and what better way to…