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    Must-reads for August 29, 2018: Surveys, stolen hotel data, faked trades, and more

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

    The rise of crypto in higher education (Coinbase) It’s a slow news week for the crypto space so this survey is getting a lot of press. Here’s the stat they keep talking about: “42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on crypto or blockchain.” That means 21 schools have at least one single class teaching a 9 year-old technology. Of 675 students surveyed, 9 percent said they’ve taken a cryptocurrency course, 18 percent said they’ve owned crypto at some point, and 26 percent said they want to take a crypto course. Did we mention this is a slow news week?   Data of…

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    Must-reads for August 23, 2018

    Here are the crypto stories you should be watching today

    SEC rejects bitcoin ETFs (CNBC) Crypto bros are used to getting a lot of rejections, especially on Tinder. Now it’s the Securities and Exchange Commission turn, rejecting seven bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund. Bitcoin prices remain above $6,000, perhaps because it was mostly priced in. Obviously, everyone read the Modern Consensus piece about why the SEC shouldn’t approve such ETFs in the first place. A cryptocurrency is making huge inroads in Venezuela as inflation runs wild — and it’s not bitcoin or the petro (Business Insider) Spoiler alert: The cryptocurrency they’re talking about is Dash. Hey, maybe one of the upsides to a regime marked by terror, failed financial planning, corruption, persecution…

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    EXCLUSIVE: Iceland releases Russian suspects in ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’

    Raids, arrests continue as police try to solve nation’s biggest crime in history

    Authorities in Iceland have quietly released two Russian men detained during the investigation of the biggest crime in that country’s history. Police are still on the lookout for $2 million in bitcoin mining equipment, including 600 servers, 600 graphics cards, and 100 motherboards stolen in a string of robberies over the last two months. It is being dubbed “the Big Bitcoin Heist,” though no cryptocurrency has gone missing in this process.   Early on Wednesday March 7, 2018 heavily armed police raided two buildings. Three men were detained at Grettisgata and four in Ægissíða on the western peninsula of the capital Reykjavik. All are Icelanders. Police sources said the arrests…

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    Two Russians arrested in Iceland’s big bitcoin heist

    Could two shipping containers lead to the $2 million in stolen bitcoin mining servers?

    Police in Iceland have arrested two Russian nationals after finding two suspicious shipping containers with two huge electrical cables leading to the Westman Islands off the coast of the mainland. Police also have two more Icelandic men in custody on the mainland. The small island nation has been on high alert since a string of break-ins caused $2 million in bitcoin mining computers to go missing. A source at ON Power, Iceland’s largest energy producer, tells us these cables are powerful enough to run the stolen mining rig made up of 600 servers. Previously, 11 people including one security guard—all Icelanders—were arrested in connection with the case.  Cryptocurrency networks depend on…