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    Bitcoin headed to $20T: Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

    The one-time crypto naysayer has changed his tune—and come out as a long-time hodler—thanks to regulators’ recent embrace of Bitcoin exchange traded funds

    During an interview with market research firm Stansberry Research, O'Leary said that a target price of $100,000 per Bitcoin does not seem improbable to him anymore. O’Leary, who once said he would never invest in Bitcoin, admitted that he has had both Bitcoin and Ether investments since 2017, but “not really been able to speak about it because regulators really frowned on it.”

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    Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary floats hotel ICO

    Mr. Wonderful touts regulated blockchain investments as the future

    Shark Tank‘s “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary came on CNBC’s Sqawkbox Monday to discuss the idea that Twitter might ban ICO ads and instead turned his appearance into an ad for the most exciting new ICO of the week: a coin-backed hotel. At a time when Facebook, Google, Twitter and other platforms are questioning the integrity of ICOs, the billionaire ended up giving a great two-minute speech about the future of blockchain business investing. “Instead of a stock, a share, it’s a coin. With a smart contract approved by the SEC,” said the Shark Tank investor and chairman of investing company O’Shares. Compared to many Wall Street-financed construction projects, $400 million doesn’t…