• Blockchain solution to $40T problem

    Blockchain solution to $40T problem

    Big companies spend $40 trillion in-house every year without much oversight. Grant Thornton says its blockchain-based inter.x platform tracks that spending, reducing fraud, mistakes, and wasted money

    A major accounting company has launched a new blockchain-based solution for tracking intercompany transactions—a common cause of “fraud, manual errors, unnecessary bureaucracy and wasted time.”

  • Coronavirus shows blockchain is needed

    WEF: Coronavirus proves blockchain is needed

    Blockchain solves ‘a key technology problem’ in making supply chains more visible and resilient

    The disruption of supply chains worldwide by coronavirus shows blockchain is needed as a tool of trade, according to the World Economic Forum.

  • BMW accelerating blockchain use

    BMW accelerating blockchain use after successful supply chain pilot

    The German carmaker is aiming to ensure raw materials and components are fully traceable in its ‘highly complex’ international supply chain

    Last year’s initial trial saw BMW Group successfully purchase front lights, and the company now wants to expand the project to a broader range of participants. Ten suppliers are going to take part over the coming year, the company said.

  • Toyota Concept-i future car

    Toyota unveils Blockchain Lab as it pivots to becoming a ‘mobility company’

    A spokesman told Modern Consensus that blockchain can be used for transparency of vehicle value and for providing services to customers

    After 11 months under the radar, the Toyota Blockchain Lab has been unveiled by one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers—with the Japanese auto giant revealing new details about how it plans to utilize the technology across its businesses.