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    Victim of $2 million livestreamed theft claims FBI involvement, responds to allegations

    Ian Balina seems to be having a rough week and some are now making big accusations

    We love a good heist story. But there’s a big difference between the Icelandic heist where $2 million in mining rigs were stolen and the story from Monday where a single crypto YouTuber named Ian Balina lost $2 million to hackers. “I’ll be ready to talk when the criminal has been arrested,” he told Modern Consensus Tuesday. “We have identified who did it and this is a lot bigger than me. Other big names in crypto have been hacked by this criminal. Currently working with FBI, that’s all that I can say.” A representative from the FBI field office in New York City could not confirm they were investigating the…

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    Yes, you need to pay taxes on your crypto profits

    Data suggest you’re probably not going to tell the IRS about your gains

    As popular as it is to trade cryptocurrency, it seems it’s even more popular to hide it from the government. The American tax deadline is nigh, so U.S. citizens are tabulating their finances for Uncle Sam to take his cut. But a survey of 250,000 people filing their taxes on a platform called Credit Karma reveals that only 100 of them are declaring capital gains income from their cryptocurrency holdings. It’s a safe assumption that most traders aren’t reporting jack squat. Bitcoin tredecupled in value (that is, it climbed in value more than 13 times) last year, helping to turn cryptocurrency at large into a $500 billion sector. Thomas Lee,…

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    South Korea goes nuclear on cryptocurrencies

    An FAQ on what just happened so people think you know what you’re talking about

    Thursday was a brutal day for cryptocurrencies and many new investors were no doubt sweating bullets as they checked their trading accounts. Hopefully, this FAQ will help. What happened? South Korea’s justice minister, Park Sang-ki, said in a press conference that the government was, “basically preparing a bill to ban cryptocurrency trading through exchanges,” according to Reuters and several other media outlets. This comes after it was reported that the South Korean tax authorities and police paid a visit to the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinone and Bithumb. Whoa! Why are they so much against cryptocurrencies? Two big reasons: The government is trying to crack down on crime and…