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    Big Sports Getting Into Crypto

    How Exchange Platforms are Capitalizing on Sports Partnerships

    With the pandemic severely hurting ticket sales in the past two years, sports teams and franchises need new ways to generate new revenue. Several exchange platforms have been perfectly capitalizing on this opportunity presented to them, making deals for millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.  Crypto.com, a large exchange platform with more than 90 coins listed, has been one of the main companies focusing on partnering with big names in sports. They made a $175 million, 10 year deal, which also happens to be UFC’s biggest sponsorship to date. Fighters wear merchandise with the website name “Crypto.com” made very visible and you can also see the website name written…

  • Stake.com partners with UFC

    Crypto gambling site Stake.com partners with UFC

    The deal makes Stake.com the Ultimate Fighting Championship league’s official betting partner in Asia and most of Latin America

    UFC and Stake.com plan to jointly work to improve the experience of fans willing to bet on the fights by providing exclusive promotions, VIP experiences, and exclusive social and digital content, the release said. The partnership comes shortly after UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya became an ambassador for the betting platform in late January.

  • UFC fan tokens

    UFC fan tokens coming to the Octagon

    A partnership with Chiliz, a blockchain-based fintech firm, means fans will be able to collect tokens and access ‘once-in-a-lifetime experiences’

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts league has entered into an exclusive partnership with Chiliz, a fintech company that helps major sports engage with their fans and monetize their base.