• eFi hacker steals $15 million

    DeFi hacker steals $15M, returns $8M

    Millions were stolen after crypto users sent a fortune to an unfinished smart contract on Eminence.Finance that was being tested by its developer

    Andre Cronje—the creator of major DeFi protocol Yearn.Finance and the exploited protocol Eminence.Finance—informed the public of the hack on Sept. 29. He explained that the protocol was very much a work in progress and he did not expect it to suddenly attract such a great amount of user funds.

  • OKEx bets on DeFi
    Alt coins

    As yearn.finance skyrockets, OKEx bets on DeFi

    The cryptocurrency exchange listed eight tokens from the decentralized finance space in one day, including Yearn’s YFI

    While many DeFi tokens have been spiking over what is being called DeFi summer, none has matched YFI. It is the governance token of the yearn.finance ecosystem, which began as an automation tool for finding and moving funds to the DeFi lending platform offering the best interest rate, or yield aggregation. automated marketing making.

  • markets report bitcoin price
    Alt coins,  Bitcoin

    Markets Report: Bitcoin Stays Calm as Stocks Hit Records but Dollar Weakens

    Mixed performance leaves BTC/USD below $12,000 amid record S&P 500 highs but two-year dollar index lows

    Bitcoin ends another working week’s trading with surprisingly little volatility, but macro factors may mean the market does not stay calm for long. Friday began with Bitcoin exhibiting the same price behavior as it had done throughout most of the week—an increasingly narrow trading corridor below $12,000, marked by support at $11,500.