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Indiegogo founder launches alternative investment platform including crypto

The new platform is an aggregator for alternative investment opportunities such as art, sneakers, trading cards, real estate, cryptocurrency projects and in-progress movies

Slava Rubin—the founder of crowdfunding giant Indiegogo—announced on Dec. 8 that he has launched Vincent, an alternative investment platform that includes crypto.

Operating in beta since July, Vincent describes itself as “a search engine where investors can discover and diligence hundreds of alternative investment opportunities.” The company said it has formed partnerships with more than 50 investment platforms.

“[A]lternative investments have proven pivotal, with investors aiming to diversify their portfolios to include private assets like real estate, venture capital, or cryptocurrency, instead of focusing solely on the public markets,” the company said in a statement.

Finding these investments “has been a pain point for investors,” Rubin added. “[T]he alternative investment market [is] set to grow from $9 to $14 trillion in the next five years.”

Other available investment opportunities on Vincent include private equity, private credit, art, and collectibles, the release said. Among these are basketball cards and Nike sneakers, artworks by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michael Basquiat, and film productions.

The site also lists a number of crypto and blockchain-focused investments—although some are only for accredited (i.e. rich) investors. Cadence, AngelList, and MicroVentures, are among the choices available, along with Grayscale’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP trusts.

Rubin told industry news source Coindesk that the number of “investors looking for digital assets have grown 80%” just during October and November. Which seems reasonable given that Bitcoin’s price nearly doubled in that time frame. 

There are already ways to invest in all of those kinds of assets, but Vincent aggregates all the options and relevant information in a convenient and accessible way, describing itself as a “Zillow for investors.”

As Modern Consensus reported in mid-November, Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin announced that it intends to launch an NFT exchange, claiming that to be “the first major crypto platform to support the deposit and withdrawal of NFT assets.”

Rubin co-founded Vincent with Indiegogo alum Evan Cohen, former ConsenSys employee and tech investor Eric Cantor and others. The firm raised $2 million in its round from Uncommon Denominator, The Fund, Rubin’s own venture fund Humbition, and angel investors such as former Google human resources chief Lazslo Bock.

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