• Civil is yesterday's news
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    No longer Civil: Blockchain-based journalism network is yesterday’s news

    The Civil team, which aimed to offer high-quality journalism funded by a crypto ecosystem, will be joining ConsenSys to work on other projects

    Civil was the first company to make a full-throated attempt at offering high-quality journalism powered by blockchain. But now, after a series of unfortunate missteps, the embattled firm is yesterday’s news—and its network will go into “hibernation” after barely 18 months in action.

  • Italian media outlet turns to blockchain
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    Its brand used to spread fake news, Italian media outlet turns to blockchain

    ANSA will put the sources and history of 1,000 news stories a day on a publicly available blockchain, but bigger challenges lie ahead

    Reeling from its brand being used to spread fake stories, Italian media giant ANSA has launched a blockchain-based system so readers can track exactly where its journalism has come from. It says the tool allows anyone to verify sources behind an article—strengthening “bonds of trust between the organization and its readers and customers.”

  • It's not friendly competition between The Block's Mike Dudas (left) and Cointelegraph's Jay Cassano (via The Block and Cointelegraph).

    Exclusive: Inside the fight The Block’s Mike Dudas picked with Cointelegraph

    Allegations of “pay-to-play” cryptocurrency journalism downgraded to ad sales shenanigans.

    The feud-prone founder of cryptocurrency media site The Block has backed down from allegations that one of the largest news portals in the industry is guilty of “pay-to-play” journalism. In a Dec. 4 Twitter post, Mike Dudas called a newly announced partnership between Cointelegraph and a client “shady as hell.”