• Tech giants force central bank innovation
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    Bank for International Settlements official: Tech giants forcing central banks to innovate

    Benoît Coeuré argued that financial innovation by private companies is behind the recent embrace of central bank digital currencies

    “If the ECB, the Fed and the other central banks want to continue to fulfill their role vis-à-vis society, which is to ensure financial stability and to ensure that monetary policy can be adjusted, broadcast throughout the economy, they must adapt their intervention methods to the new digital situation," said Coeuré.

  • Deutsche Bank digital currencies
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics

    “Catch up’ on digital currencies Deutsche Bank warns U.S., EU

    The German bank’s report also explains why Apple Pay has enjoyed substantially less user adoption than its Chinese rival Alipay

    A Deutsche Bank report has warned that central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will replace cash in the long run—and unless the U.S. and Europe step up their game, they could be forced to rely on digital assets rolled out by the likes of Sweden and China.

  • Kyrgyzstan blockchain voting
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    Krygyzstan leader plans blockchain voting for re-do parliamentary elections

    With disputed elections behind three revolts, the volatile nation’s acting president wants to partially replace its central election commission with a blockchain system

    Acting President Sadyr Japarov said during a press conference that a blockchain system will partially replace Kyrgyzstan's central election commission. It’s most recent election was annulled last month after protests over vote rigging. Japarov explained that the nation saw three revolutions start because of elections, so such events must be transparent and the government has to learn a lesson from this and provide accountability.

  • Biden impact on Bitcoin
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    U.S. election: How will Biden’s win affect Bitcoin?

    Crypto experts say it doesn’t matter what the 77-year-old thinks about digital assets—instead, we should focus on who he appoints to key positions

    he question now is where Biden’s ascension to the Oval Office leaves Bitcoin. Will the presumed Democratic president-elect adopt a less hostile attitude toward digital assets than Donald Trump, who publicly declared that he was “not a fan” of cryptocurrencies? And will his new administration pursue a central bank digital currency (CBDC) with greater urgency than the U.S. Treasury under Steven Mnuchin, who said a digital dollar wasn’t needed until 2025?

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