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    Congress’s first-ever report on crypto may be bigger than it seems

    It’s somewhere between an idiot’s guide and a cheery report of the future of blockchain

    The U.S. Congress delivered, for the first time, a report on the importance of cryptocurrencies to the American economy. The Joint Economic Committee distilled a myriad of reports from the Congressional Budget Office and other sources to make recommendations in an annual report to the Speaker of the House. This year the bipartisan committee spelled out the advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. “Policymakers and the public should become more familiar with digital currencies and other uses of blockchain technology, which have a wide range of applications in the future,” the report said. It’s most jaw-dropping chart is just titled “Cryptocurrencies Made the Stock Market Gains Look Insignificant.” The report,…

  • Fingerprints

    Opinion | Why we need a blockchain-based Social Security number

    Blockchain technology offers a practical solution to solve a massive looming problem

    There are a number of failed old technologies which we live with every day. Some are jokes (such as the story that train tracks are based on Roman war chariots), but some are real,like the fact that social security numbers (SSN) were created in 1936 exclusively track of earnings. Since 1936, Social Security numbers have been adapted to be a unique identifier for each person in the U.S. This number is used to open bank accounts, track credit history, apply for employment, apply for security clearances, etc. The number is often issued at significant moments for an applicant—around birth or entry into the United States, for instance—and usually never changes…

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    The Canadian government’s research arm is now blockchain-enabled

    The Great White North continues to flirt with cryptocurrency technology

    Latest Cryptocurrency News: The Canadian government’s research arm is now blockchain-enabled Only a few days ago, it was reported that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service viewed blockchain as one of several “mega-trends” that will have broad economic and social impact in the years to come.  Sure enough, the country’s primary research center has begun placing bets on the technology. Set up as part of the Canadian government’s “brain,” the National Research Council collects and publishes a wide variety of scientific and industrial information. Now that brain is, in part, blockchain-enabled. The NRC has been experimenting with software by Canadian blockchain darlings Bitaccess to build a system that lets public institutions…

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    Government will control cryptos, says CEO of bank bailed out by government

    Did JP Morgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon really have a change of heart when it comes to bitcoin?

    Just four months ago, Dimon called bitcoin a “fraud” and threatened to fire any of his traders caught trading the cryptocurrency on the company’s dime. “Someone is going to get killed,” he warned. Dimon even went so far to mock his own child, saying at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference, “My daughter bought bitcoin, it went up and now she thinks she’s a genius.” Since then, bitcoin has more than quadrupled, a return so lucrative that most traders would gladly go short their souls and take a punch in the jaw from their CEO as he escorted them out the door if they could get a glimpse of it. Thus, Jamie…