• Garlinghouse Ripple sue YouTube

    Garlinghouse, Ripple sue YouTube over XRP giveaway scams

    Saying the social media giant has repeatedly ignored requests to take down channels robbing XRP holders by using his likeness and Ripple’s logos, CEO Brad Garlinghouse has turned to the courts

    After six months of fighting to get YouTube to shut down giveaway scams using Ripple’s name to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in XRP, the international payments firm and CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple sued the social media giant today.

  • Andreessen Horowitz plots second crypto fund
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    Andreessen Horowitz plots second crypto fund—and it’s even bigger

    Hot on the heels of a $350m fund back in 2018, the venture capital firm is seeking to raise an additional $450m for a brand-new investment vehicle

    It was an early investor in the likes of Facebook and Twitter—now, Andreessen Horowitz is planning to deepen its involvement in crypto. The venture capital firm, also known as a16z, is reportedly aiming to raise $450 million for a second cryptocurrency investment fund.

  • Coinbase to issue Visa cards directly

    Coinbase to issue Visa cards directly to customers

    The first ‘pure-play’ cryptocurrency debit card will not run through an expensive bank or payment processor

    Status as a Visa principle member will allow the cryptocurrency exchange to originate Visa debit card accounts on its own, a first in an industry determined to cut out financial services middlemen.