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Blockchain cofounder Kathleen Breitman says she is ‘cool as a f—ing cucumber’; launches Twitter tirade when challenged

Tezos’ cofounder just delivered a strange, profanity-laced interview and then flipped out on Twitter when criticized about it

On Thursday, blockchain publication Breaker posted a flattering 6,700-word interview with Kathleen Breitman, cofounder of the controversial Tezos blockchain. Launched officially last month, Tezos bills itself as a new blockchain that can enable smart contract execution, but with a built-in governance system designed to avoid hard forks in its rules.

During her Q&A with Breaker, Breitman aggressively defended the work of the Tezos Foundation, peppering her comments with invective and swears that raised some eyebrows online. Then Breitman and her cofounder at Tezos, Arthur Breitman (her husband), took to Twitter seemingly with the goal of burning off the eyebrows of those who’d raised them.

At the start of the interview, Breitman explained that a significant improvement in the Tezos blockchain is that it allows for upgrades with less in-fighting and politics than other blockchains. People in the blockchain world are too often talking past each other, she explained. “It’s kind of a systemic problem in the field. It’s a lot of name-calling and ad hominems and dealing with that nonsense.”

Breitman then followed that point up with a stream of foul-mouthed name-calling for many of the following 6,000 words. Some of the highlights:

On the climate in Zug, Switzerland:

“the Crypto Valley is 90 percent cowards”.

On Tezos Foundation board member Guido Schmitz-Krummacher, whom she said sent sexually suggestive texts to female contractors:

“Guido had two modes: no decision and bad decision. We have him doing all sorts of creepy, terrible shit to people.”

On former Tezos Foundation president Johann Gevers:

a “vile retard.”

On the series of Reuters stories that reported on the internal strife at Tezos last year, which deserves to be quoted in full:

Which brings us to the Reuters stories. Did you feel they represented you and Tezos unfairly?

Do I think that it’s professional for people to insert filler words into a 27-year-old CEO’s quotes? No, I do not. Do I also think that it’s fair to wantonly take one person’s side of the story for months on end and try to tear down a project that you couldn’t hope to understand? I think it just makes you look like an idiot in the lens of history, but it really betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of technology and, frankly, a malice that can only be gotten by being profoundly technically ignorant. I wasn’t prepared for the extent to which they would do things like stalk my personal social media, and post that on WhatsApp groups. In the end, these people are never going to win Pulitzers, so I don’t really give a shit.”


“The lawsuits started because of the Reuters story, because Reuters painted it as though [Tezos] was never going to ship. Frankly, that’s their problem if they can’t compile fucking code and realize that this was a working testnet from February 2017 onwards. They really wanted to kill an ICO—and they were really fucking stupid to pick on this one.”

It was this rant which got Mike Dudas, the founder of crypto news publication The Block, to comment on Twitter, where he took issue with the notion that Reuters was a biased publication with an intent to harm Tezos.


Kathleen Breitman responded with an attack on The Block’s own reporting standards.

Arthur Breitman chimed in as well, offering that Dudas’ opinion is bad and that he ought to feel bad.

Dudas, for his part was speechless. In a sense. He did tweet out his shock that these are people whose project is in large part about blockchain governance.


In the Breaker interview, Breitman explained how she handled the well-documented travails and lawsuits of Tezos in past year:

“By and large, the feedback I received was that I was as cool as a fucking cucumber and you would never know there was something going wrong in my life unless I told you about it.”

Tezos’s market cap stood at $825 million as of Friday afternoon, according to CoinMarketCap, down from its July high of $1.46 billion.

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