• half U.S. investors interested bitcoin

    More than half of U.S. investors interested buying in Bitcoin

    Nearly one quarter of them already have, according to a survey by Grayscale Investments, which also found the pandemic was a big driver of interest

    The findings, announced on Oct. 27, show that 55% of them would be interested in investing in Bitcoin, while 23% already bought in. This percentage of American investors translates to nearly 32 million potential Bitcoin investors.

  • DBS Singapore Bank crypto exchange

    Singapore bank accidentally announces forthcoming cryptocurrency exchange

    Top Singapore lender DBS briefly put a webpage up announcing a multicurrency exchange with custody service, deleting the announcement within minutes

    The page—which is not available anymore—read "Digital assets are poised to be the future of tomorrow’s digital economy. [...] With DBS Digital Exchange, a bank-backed digital exchange, companies and investors can now leverage an integrated ecosystem of solutions to tap the vast potential of private markets and digital currencies.”

  • JPM Coin goes live
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    JPMorgan’s digital currency goes live

    The first bank-created cryptocurrency, the JPM Coin, will be used for cross-border payments by a global IT firm starting this week

    The bank has also created a new division for its digital currency and blockchain business called Onyx. The move marks the bank’s belief that the technologies are ready to be commercialized

  • Zcoin changing name to Firo
    Cryptocurrencies,  Technology

    Privacy-focused Zcoin changing name to Firo

    The burn-and-redeem privacy coin is rebranding as it launches a new mainnet and protocol it says provides cash-level anonymity

    The new name comes a week after announcing its new Lelantus protocol, which allows Zcoin holders to burn existing coins and then redeem them in batches for new coins with no transaction history.

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