• Human Rights Foundation Dont demonize bitcoin
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    Human Rights Foundation: ‘Don’t demonize’ bitcoin

    Cracking down on privacy tools like encrypted messaging and bitcoin does more to help the police state than to hurt criminals and terrorists said its chief strategy officer Alex Gladstein

    Arguing that “Bitcoin is neutral like cash,” Gladstein said “Most Americans may not yet grasp that financial privacy is just as important as communications privacy for our democracy—that your spending habits say more about you than your words.”

  • Enjin NFT fashion

    Blockchain game developer Enjin is bringing fashion sense to alternate reality

    Non-fungible tokens will allow AR gamers to collect, use and resell unique to fashion items that can be worn by users’ avatars in games and the ‘real’ world

    Those clothes and accessories can be used on avatars created on the augmented-reality MetaverseMe app, where videos injecting them into the users’ real-world surroundings can be shot, and shared on social media. Those avatars can also be used in shared virtual reality open-world settings.

  • Treasury delays cold wallet monitoring

    Good and bad: Treasury delays cold wallet monitoring rule

    The delay gives crypto more time to fight it, but shows that regulators plan to press ahead in the new administration

    Proposed on Dec. 18, the regulation would require exchanges to collect personal know-your-customer data from private or “unhosted” cold wallets on the sending or receiving end of transactions of more than $3,000. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) originally gave the proposal a very unusual 15-day comment period, which included the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.