• PlanetWatch and Algorand put air quality test results on a blockchain (Photo: Flickr)

    Algorand puts air quality test results on a blockchain

    The DeFi-focused blockchain firm is teaming up with PlanetWatch to create an immutable record of global air quality test results

    In addition to using Algorand’s open-source, permissionless blockchain to quickly disseminate and permanently record pollution readings, PlanetWatch plans to use it to reward volunteers who maintain pollution sensors with Planet utility tokens.

  • I see you know about "the blockchain." Congratulations, you're hired! (via iStock)

    Blockchain leads top 10 in-demand job skills list: LinkedIn

    The category did not even make the list last year; now it’s at the top, beating out cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

    According to LinkedIn's survey of The Skills Companies Need Most in 2020, blockchain was No. 1, beating out artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and UX design. In 2019, blockchain did not even make the top 10.

  • Calling the (un)caped crypto crusaders! (via Pixabay)
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    Student crypto crime-fighting league forms

    Cryptocurrency intelligence firm CipherTrace will provide education and tracking tools to students for hands-on training solving real thefts and scams

    CipherTrace is working with the student-founded Blockchain Acceleration Foundation in California and Mexico and several universities to create the CipherTrace Defenders League.