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    CCB International Securities dumps gold for bitcoin

    Mark Jolley said that the Hong-Kong-based asset management firm sold one-third of its gold for bitcoin, despite being owned by China Construction Bank, a giant in bitcoin-banning China

    Jolley suggested that a bitcoin allocation belongs in all portfolios, after suggesting that the United States dollar will see significant inflation next year. “We normally have a 15% allocation [...] to gold, bitcoin will come in and replace some of that gold allocation. I’ve set it at 5%," he said.

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin consolidates as traders prepare for Altseason 2.0

    A transfer of trading attention away from Bitcoin comes as a quiet weekend leaves $42,000 all-time highs out of reach

    In a surprise change of tune, Bitcoin managed to avoid volatility altogether this weekend. Instead of hitting new highs or testing major support levels, BTC/USD simply remained within its recently established trading corridor between $30,000 and $40,000.

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    Crypto-trolling financial adviser relishes outrage after calling for U.K. Bitcoin ban

    Financial adviser Neil Liversidge says he isn’t bothered that his petition has received just 111 of the necessary 100,000 signatures. He just wants to cripple criminals—and drive ‘Bitcoin people…berserk’

    A financial adviser who has launched a petition urging the U.K. government to ban Bitcoin transactions has told Modern Consensus: “I want to crash crypto.”

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    Markets Report: Bitcoin will bounce between $30K-$40K as altcoins awaken

    A giant $10,000 range opens up for Bitcoin, setting the stage for altcoins to take advantage of the money, traders argue

    According to trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe, the zone between $30,000 and $40,000 should now host Bitcoin for the short term, as it enters a period of consolidation. This will see volatility and trading volume “drain away” on a temporary basis, he explained in a YouTube update on Friday, but eventually, strength will ignite once more and Bitcoin will race upwards again.