• BTC rejects $10K
    Bitcoin,  Commentary

    The Week in Bitcoin: BTC rejects $10K as miners, investors offload risk, but bullish signs resume

    A week marked by volatility high even by bitcoin standards ends with BTC well below $10,000

    In price action, the week began with Bitcoin closing the trading month of May at $9,446, just $39 shy of its intra-monthly high of $9,485. With traders aggressively buying, BTC’s price on BitMEX trampolined to $10,437 on June 1. BTC’s bull run was short-lived, but shows signs of gaining steam again.

  • Finland hotspot illegal Bitcoin
    Bitcoin,  Europe,  United States

    CipherTrace: Finland a hotspot for illegal Bitcoin

    The tranquil Scandinavian nation is home to the Northern Lights, but down on the ground it’s also a haven for darknet scammers attempting to cash out; CipherTrace report finds $1.4 billion lost this year, criminals getting savvy to anti-money laundering

    CipherTrace says 12.1% of Bitcoin funds sent to Finnish exchanges come directly from criminal sources. As a percentage, that’s the highest worldwide, making Finland a hotspot for illegal Bitcoin. LocalBitcoins, a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace, is partly to blame. It is based in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, and received 99% of these ill-gotten funds, according to a report.

  • Bitcoin

    It’s difficult to know Bitcoin’s actual price. Could this benchmark index change that?

    The new Bitcoin Benchmark Rate is designed to pave the way for new derivatives, but there’s a catch: the index is only updated once an hour

    A new benchmark index is trying to cut through market manipulation and inaccurate data to offer a “robust” insight into Bitcoin’s actual price. The Bitcoin Benchmark Rate is the brainchild of MV Index Solutions, which develops a range of indices for investors, along with the digital asset data platform CryptoCompare.

  • Bears coming for Bitcoin

    Bears coming for Bitcoin?

    A quant looks at Tuesday’s five-minute Bitcoin crash on a day when the market signaled that BTC $10,000 may not be here to stay

    With BTC violently spiking downwards roughly 8% in a matter of minutes, it was an interesting day to trade to say the least. Price dropped from about $10,100 to $9,400 in a matter of five minutes. Are the bears coming for Bitcoin?