• India revisits crypto ban
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    India revisits crypto ban in fresh blow to embattled industry

    Months after exchanges began tentatively opening and reopening for business, reports suggest the Indian government is not finished in its quest to ban the trade of digital assets

    The rumored ban comes months after the country’s Supreme Court overturned controversial restrictions that prohibited banks from dealing with exchanges. Those measures left many trading platforms unable to operate, with some closing their doors for good.

  • Markets report bitcoin price

    Markets Report: Bitcoin Aims For $12,000 as Max Keiser Says Gains Will Beat Gold

    Bitcoin is on course to put in a bigger percentage move than gold, Keiser says, and its $20,000 all-time highs from 2017 will not pose resistance

    At $11,770, BTC/USD had all but erased the effects of its precipitous fall last weekend, during which it fell from above $12,000 to $10,870 in a matter of minutes. Further upside, analysts predict, may be harder to sustain.

  • Markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin realized cap all-time high contrasts altcoin comeback

    Market cap and realized cap produce a tale of two Bitcoins as a returns battle with Ether and other altcoins intensifies

    Bitcoin has seen its share of the cryptocurrency market fall by almost 5% in just two weeks as the altcoin boom continues. According to data from CoinMarketCap, as of August 5, the largest cryptocurrency had a market cap share of 60.5%—its lowest since June 2019.

  • markets report bitcoin price

    Bitcoin price recovers from $1,200 dip as trader warns gold is due to crash

    More upside is due for Bitcoin in the short term, says Tone Vays, but the coming weeks should see gold top out

    Bitcoin is still firmly in bullish territory despite its “huge drop” of more than $1,200 this weekend, one of the industry’s best-known traders says. In the latest edition of his Trading Bitcoin livestream, Tone Vays said that there was no need to worry after BTC/USD crashed from more than $12,000 to less than $10,900 in 20 minutes.