• Celsius reaches $5.3B assets

    Crypto lender Celsius Network reaches $5.3B in assets, up 10x in 12 months

    Alex Mashinsky’s DeFi firm saw massive growth amid the recent bull market, calling crypto’s maturation a further growth driver

    “The crypto industry as a whole grew substantially in 2020,” said Celsius Network's CEO Alex Mashinsky. “As we see record numbers of institutions and retail users entering the space, they are looking for a store of value and yield to protect their assets from the debasement of the U.S. dollar."

  • markets report bitcoin price
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    Markets Report: Bitcoin Falls on Biden Inauguration Amid Warning Stimulus is ‘Long-Term Negative’

    A subdued start of the new presidency comes as bullishness broadly fades from cryptocurrency markets

    The hours prior to Biden’s inauguration saw a rebound in a previously declining U.S. dollar, something which came in tandem with BTC/USD cementing daily losses of 7%. The largest cryptocurrency had previously spent the week ranging slightly higher, with speculation rife that a breakout was due but that the direction it could take was unclear.

  • coinbase grand design bison trails
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    Coinbase pitches a grand design in buying Bison Trails

    Purchasing the blockchain infrastructure provider is part of Brian Armstrong’s goal of growing Coinbase is beyond its roots as a cryptocurrency exchange

    In a Jan. 19 statement on its blog, Coinbase portrayed the move part of a grand design, calling it “an important step in delivering on our mission to create an open financial system for the world.” It’s also part of a business strategy to turn the infrastructure Coinbase built for itself into a suite of products available to any developer.

  • Ether all-time high

    Ether cools slightly after reaching an all-time high

    In a single day, ETH surged by 15%—taking it to $1,440 on some exchanges. Unfortunately, high transaction fees remain a stubborn problem

    Despite ether handily outperforming bitcoin over the course of 2020, there was one thing that the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency was unable to achieve: a new all-time high. All of that changed on Jan. 19, when ETH finally broke the record of $1,432.88—a milestone that had been set three years ago this month.