• Craig Wright going to trial

    Craig Wright is going to trial

    After two years, the preliminaries in Ira Kleiman’s $10 billion lawsuit against the man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto are over and the argument is heading to a jury

    Wright, chief scientist of nChain and genuinely father of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, has long claimed to be Nakamoto, which would give him possession of the 1.1 million BTC. While virtually no one in the cryptocurrency industry believes his claim, the estate of Wright’s late partner at the time those bitcoins were mined in the project’s early days, Dave Kleiman, does and wants half.

  • digital yuan ready for deployment
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics

    China’s digital yuan ready for deployment

    People’s Bank of China calls digital yuan a weapon in a “new battlefield” between nations

    Reuters reported today that the PBoC is eager to become the world’s first nation to issue a CBDC in an attempt to internationalize its fiat currency and reduce its reliance on the dollar’s financial infrastructure.

  • Russians not invest in crypto

    Just one in 10 Russians would invest in crypto

    Russia is among the top countries when it comes to the use of crypto in everyday activities, but only 10% of local bank users would invest in crypto assets.

    Such a low percentage of Russian investors interested in cryptocurrency is particularly surprising given that a recent study according to which the country is among the top 10 countries worldwide when it comes to the use of crypto assets in everyday activities.

  • OKEx Jay Hao DeFi viable alternative
    Alt coins

    EXCLUSIVE: OKEx CEO Jay Hao calls DeFi “viable alternative” to traditional finance

    As it lists Uniswap’s super hot UNI governance token, the CEO of the leading crypto derivatives exchange says decentralized finance has “limitless potential”

    In an email interview on the same day OKEx listed Uniswap’s super hot UNI governance token, Hao told Modern Consensus that he has high hopes for the DeFi ecosystem as a whole.

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