• Bahamas france CBDC
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics

    Bahamas launches digital currency as France tests a Tezos-based CBDC

    It’s a big day for state-backed digital currencies as the two countries announced major developments

    The Bahamas plans to roll out its digital currency, the sand dollar, next month. Meanwhile, banking giant Société Général chose Tezos to test France's central bank digital currency

  • Jewel Anchorage partner crypto loans

    Jewel, Anchorage to partner for crypto-collateralized loans

    Bermudian banking hopeful Jewel plans to offer clients loans and lines of credit secured by digital assets that remain safely in custody

    “As the lines continue to blur between the digital asset space and traditional finance—and as the institutional appetite for crypto-native financial services continues to swell—relationships like this one will play a key role in accelerating the maturation of the space, as well as crypto's broader adoption,” said Nathan McCauley, co-founder and CEO of Anchorage.

  • India ban crypto trading
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics,  Regulation

    India to ban crypto trading

    Discussion around a cryptocurrency trading ban resumed on the first parliament meeting following the Covid-19 halt. The Indian government’s priorities are clear

    The bill is expected to be discussed shortly by the union cabinet before making its way to the parliament. The Indian government will encourage blockchain developments but hinder the trading of crypto assets.

  • Bitcoin goes mainstream

    MicroStrategy doubles down, invests another $175M in Bitcoin

    The mainstream firm made headlines in August when it announced that it had bought $250 million in BTC as an inflation hedge

    In announcing its initial $250 million purchase on Aug. 11, CEO Michael Saylor said the investment was an inflation hedge, calling Bitcoin “a dependable store of value and an attractive investment asset with more long-term appreciation potential than holding cash.”

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