• dogecointiktokchallenge
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    A viral joke on TikTok briefly sent ‘how to buy DogeCoin’ past ‘how to buy Bitcoin’ on Google. Here’s what happened

    DOGE surged 82% within a matter of days as youngsters on the social network were urged to buy $25 of the crypto. Then, it crashed.

    Dogecoin has cemented its reputation as a “joke” cryptocurrency—it’s based on a popular meme featuring a Shina Inu dog surrounded by brightly colored text in Comic Sans. But after what appears to be a massive pump and dump on the popular social networking app TikTok, many teenagers may have very little to laugh about.

  • Telegram discontinues TON testnet
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    Telegram Open Network pulls the plug on testnet, in final blow to doomed project

    The grim milestone marks the end of a sorry journey for TON, almost a year after the testnet first launched

    In a July 6 update, the development group driving TON wrote: “Our remaining validators will be switched off not later than 1.08.2020. Please save all relevant data and terminate your testing process.”

  • USDC passes $1 billion
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    Circle, Coinbase say USD Coin passes $1B

    The market cap milestone makes the USDC stablecoin a contender in a ring dominated by Tether

    Working together as the Centre Consortium, the firms claimed in a blog post that USDC reached that milestone quicker than any other digital dollar stablecoin. Most of that increase came on June 22, when the supply jumped from about $731 million to $920 million—rising by about one-third.

  • Republic Note launches profit-sharing token
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    Crowdfunding platform Republic launches Note profit-sharing token

    The token sale for the Note comes as Republic embarks on a quest to democratize private investing and make it more accessible for the average consumer

    A glitzy video released by Republic says the Note allows anyone to “invest in tomorrow’s greatest minds and their brilliant creations, and succeed when they succeed.” A token sale is scheduled to commence on July 16. Each Note is going to be sold for $0.12, and an $8 million cap on sales is going to be in place.