• decentralized web 3.0 protocols
    Commentary,  Technology

    The Future is Decentralized

    Combining blockchain and open protocols can create a Web 3.0 free from the power of centralized mega-corporations like Amazon, Google, and Facebook is within grasp

    Today, control over the internet is increasingly centralized in the hands of just a few big tech companies. Decentralizing the web through new technologies like blockchain and decentralized protocols can ensure that the web remains community-focused and user-oriented, just like it was originally intended to be.

  • Bitcoin Realized Volatility Bear Market
    Bitcoin,  Commentary

    Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits Record as Realized Volatility Mimics 2018 Bear Market

    A mixed bag of fundamentals presents a varied picture about the future of Bitcoin markets in the face of continued weak price action

    Bitcoin fundamentals suggest that its 2020 lows are behind it — but one indicator is flashing alarmingly bearish as volatility fades from the market.

  • how Bitcoin is stored
    Bitcoin,  Commentary

    Craig Wright Lawyer: Are you familiar with how Bitcoin is stored on a device?

    Ira Kleiman: Not really

    In a deposition released on June 19 in Kleiman v. Wright, it is clear that the adopted brother of Craig Wright’s late partner, Dave Kleiman, is nearly Bitcoin-illiterate. But he does know that if Craig and Dave really were behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto—which most of the crypto community doubts—there are 550,000 BTC with his name on them.

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