• James Altucher
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    James Altucher understands why you hate him

    The relentless bitcoin promoter defends his ads; pleas for understanding in a long Facebook post

    James Altucher would like you not to hate him because of his bitcoin ads. You know, like the one of his head with bitcoin (BTC) eyes on a background of fire. He’d also like you to take him seriously, despite a penchant for ads with the calm dignity of CNBC’s Jim Cramer (whose show Altucher once wrote for), and a hairdo with the restrained style of Phil Spector.

  • Tron's Justin Sun paid $4.5 million for a meal with Warren Buffett.

    Tron Founder drops $4.5 million for lunch with crypto-critic Warren Buffett

    As Royal Tenenbaum might say, “That’s kind of a f-you to the old man”

    Every year crypto-critic and fiat-billionaire Warren Buffett auctions off a lunch for eight to support his daughter’s favorite charity, GLIDE in San Francisco. This year, crypto-entrepreneur Justin Sun won Buffett’s Glide charity auction with a record $4.5 million bid. Buffett had previously called bitcoin “rat poison squared” so this ought to be interesting.

  • Trading crypto in New York isn't as easy as this picture makes it seem (composite image via Shutterstock).

    Robinhood adds ‘fee-free’ crypto trading for users in New York and 38 other states

    Millennial trading app is all grown up now with their BitLicense.

    In April 2018, Millennial trading app Robinhood announced it would soon be available in a handful of states. Complex banking regulations in each state meant that they had a lot of hurdles to get over before they could offer their free crypto and stock trading services in all 50 states. But in January RobinHood announced they had finally gotten a New York State “Bitlicense”, one of fintech’s highest hurdles. Users in New York State can now trade on Robinhood as of May 23.