• IPFS digital economy

    IPFS is paving the way for a new digital economy

    The peer-to-peer distributed web protocol aims to break the stranglehold of tech giants by decentralizing the internet

    To resolve the inequity in this system—something that impacts every one of us, no matter where we live or what socioeconomic category we claim—we need to decentralize the protocols, platforms, and underlying technologies that drive the digital economy. We need to find new ways to trade and interact online that don’t rely on proprietary technologies and centralized web architectures. The Interplanetary File System is critical in doing so.

  • decentralized web 3.0 protocols
    Commentary,  Technology

    The Future is Decentralized

    Combining blockchain and open protocols can create a Web 3.0 free from the power of centralized mega-corporations like Amazon, Google, and Facebook is within grasp

    Today, control over the internet is increasingly centralized in the hands of just a few big tech companies. Decentralizing the web through new technologies like blockchain and decentralized protocols can ensure that the web remains community-focused and user-oriented, just like it was originally intended to be.

  • Bitcoin Realized Volatility Bear Market
    Bitcoin,  Commentary

    Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits Record as Realized Volatility Mimics 2018 Bear Market

    A mixed bag of fundamentals presents a varied picture about the future of Bitcoin markets in the face of continued weak price action

    Bitcoin fundamentals suggest that its 2020 lows are behind it — but one indicator is flashing alarmingly bearish as volatility fades from the market.

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