• VeriTX turns to Algorand

    Aerospace marketplace VeriTX turns to Algorand to get its supply chain soaring

    Partnering with the proof-of-stake blockchain firm let a 3D printed aircraft parts supplier get an F15 Eagle flying in a day, rather than nine months

    To build that marketplace, the decentralized aerospace parts manufacturing firm is partnering with Algorand, using its proof-of-stake blockchain platform to provide customers with speed and certainty along the supply chain, according to an Oct. 22 announcement.

  • digital ruble test 2021
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics

    Digital ruble testing by 2021, says Russian pol

    The chairman of the Russian parliament’s financial markets committee called a central bank digital currency “the future of all our money circulation.”

    A member of the Russian Duma who sits on its financial markets committee said yesterday that “a digital ruble will start being tested, possibly even in the next year."

  • EY Samsung bid digital won
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics

    EY and Samsung only bidder for South Korea’s digital won project

    The Bank of Korea has extended the deadline for bids on the contract to build and test a central bank digital currency

    That deadline was extended until Oct. 29 after it received only one bid, from the EY Hanyoung Consortium, a group led by big four auditing firm Ernst & Young, SDNet South Korea reported on Oct. 20.

  • Regulation,  Technology

    As DeFi skyrockets, Euro financial institutions are taking an interest

    Fully 86% of traditional firms are implementing or at least considering blockchain-based decentralized finance technology, says Boston Consulting Group

    Noting that the value locked into DeFi has grown a massive 1,500%, to $8 billion, a new study by Crypto.com and Boston Consulting Group concluded that the “ability to borrow funds, take out loans, deposit funds into a savings account, or trade complex financial products, all without asking anyone for permission is gaining traction.”

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