• SEC fines Rapper T.I.

    SEC fines Rapper T.I. $75,000 over fraudulent FLiK, CoinSpark ICOs

    The Atlanta recording artist formally known as Clifford Harris Jr. promoted the two ICOs, which were frauds created by film producer Ryan Felton, who is also facing criminal charges

    The Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., film producer Ryan Felton, and three others were charged in the civil action over the ICO for FLiK, a streaming video platform that was going to use tokens to allow viewers to buy movies, and CoinSpark, a cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Regulations for crypto firms relaxed

    Boost for big crypto firms as 48 states streamline regulations

    By joining their licensing process, the states have made it far easier for cryptocurrency firms and other fintechs, which until now had to apply for licenses on a state-by-state basis

    This means that 78 of the country’s biggest fintech companies—including cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance US as well as the likes of PayPal and Western Union—will now only need to undergo one comprehensive exam to unlock access to all of these territories.

  • SEC kills Unikrn

    Online gaming platform with A-list investors killed by SEC

    Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban were among the investors in Unikrn, which is paying a $6.1 million penalty that is ‘substantially all of the company’s assets’ and disabling its tokens

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s unrelenting crackdown on unregistered initial coin offerings has claimed another victim—this time, an online gaming and gambling platform that attracted a star-studded list of investors.

  • India ban crypto trading
    Cryptocurrencies,  Politics,  Regulation

    India to ban crypto trading

    Discussion around a cryptocurrency trading ban resumed on the first parliament meeting following the Covid-19 halt. The Indian government’s priorities are clear

    The bill is expected to be discussed shortly by the union cabinet before making its way to the parliament. The Indian government will encourage blockchain developments but hinder the trading of crypto assets.

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